Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

We asked some of our ambassadors to give us their ultimate Christmas wish list.
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Nikolai Schirmer's gift recommendation

My favorite gift to give my friends and family is cooking them a meal. Put some time and effort into it and it’ll be all the more rewarding. 

Try Something new! And it’s the gift that gives back because you get to hang with them all evening.

But if you would like to get them some cool gear, here are my favorites: 

Gore-Tex Gloves

Best gloves for skiing. The leather palm keeps you dry and warm with all the dexterity you want, while the gore-tex fabric on the back of your palm keeps you from sweating.

Heavy Weight Merino Socks

Wool socks are a must for Christmas. I’m currently wearing these and they check all the boxes: comfy, warm, cozy and just the right amount of wooly fluff.

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Gjermund Nordskar's Christmas gift recommendation

Give free massage. It is easy, nice, good for everyone, and will definitely make him/here love you more!

When it comes to gear, here are some of my favorites. 

I have tested these three products in Norway’s ruffest and highest mountains with great results, so I can recommend everyone to buy them for Christmas – for yourself or one you love.
Have fun and stay active, warm and safe with these products.

Infinium Hybrid Pants

When ski touring, your legs are most in motion on the hike. It is therefore essential that your pants have a great fit, and are made of material that is easy and comfy to move with. The Lyngen Windstopper Hybrid pants are therefore my favorite ski touring pants from Norrøna. They solve all these needs, and still gives the weather protections you need in the mountains.

Lightweight Windsack 4/2

A windsack is standard safety equipment to bring into the mountains on trips and adventures. It is first and foremost for safety, but it gives great shelter and is therefore perfect to use during a break. The problem is that you don’t want the windsack to add extra weight or use up space in your backpack, because it should permanently stay there. This problem is exactly what Norrøna has fixed with their Lightweight Windsack 4/2. It has all the critical functions you need, and is still so light and packable that you don’t have to worry storing it in your backpack.

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Michael "Bird" Shaffer's Christmas gift recommendation:

Kaw Kaw and Merry kawristmas from your favorite Bird Man.

My favorite gift to give at Xmas time is my famous “Bird Granola”
Yes that’s right, my friends and family can’t wait to get some more of my bird seed granola! Made with love, local honey, oats and seeds and wrapped with a bow. Merry Kawristmas !

If you’re looking for something from Norrøna Santa, or a gift idea have I got a couple of ideas for you!

Thermo60 Hood

made from recycled materials and water resistant, you can’t go wrong with this year round, light weight synthetic jacket. Good to go for the long distance ski touring freak in you.

wool, Hoodie

The wool hoodie. – A must have merino wool hoodie that I live in all winter long. Your gonna love it.

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Charles and Rachel's Christmas Gift recommendation

Even though I can’t see her right now because of the shutdowns, I am going to call
my Grandmother every two weeks, text her all of my paintings I am working on, and
make sure she has everything she needs right now!

lyngen, down850 Hood

This jacket comes with me everywhere for a variety of activities from ski touring to
ice climbing. It’s extremely lightweight, comfortable, surprisingly warm for its
weight. It is compressive and stuffs into a pack very compactly, and layers well
under a shell. It is best for ski touring but I’ve found myself wearing it all the time,
for everything and anything outdoors. The fit is also amazing and long enough both
in length and in the sleeves. The colors are so unique as well.

lofoten, Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

This shell keeps me dry no matter what. I love that it’s long and lean but still
fits plenty of layers underneath. The design, zippers, pit zips, inner cuffs, and
pockets are all just like you’d expect from your dream ski jacket. I am a fan of
the “serenity” color paired with the “serenity” Lofoten Gore-Tex pants. If you like to
ski hard all day in wet and/ or very conditions, this jacket will quickly become your
favorite thing to bring on backcountry outings.

A gift to mother nature: pick up some trash on your next adventure. It’s easy enough to keep a small back in your pack or pocket to store bits of trash that you find on the trail, skin track or in the forest. Each little bit adds up. A true holiday gift to nature who gives us so much while asking for nothing in return!

/29 ,Logo Beanie

You can never go wrong with a cozy beanie! With winter setting in across the north, we are spending more time than ever in the mountains and weather. And so nothing beats a nice wool cap on a cold adventure or day around the house!

falketind, down750 Hood

This is my all around favorite down jacket. It’s what I wear under my shell while skiing on a cold day, taking our puppy Knute on a hike or working outside in the garden in the fall. It’s light and easy to pack away into a small day backpack, but also with enough down fill to keep you warm on even the coldest days. It’s a staple!

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We have the power to change our impact on Nature. It might not be about being optimistic or pessimist. It might be about being part of the solution instead of the problem.

Explorer Vincent Colliard never leaves home without these items:

lyngen, down850 Knickers

When I leave the comfort of the sleeping bag and the tent, I start the day packing down the camp wearing the Lyngen knickers. So I make sure I don’t loose the warmth accumulated in the morning inside the tent. The same goes in the evening after a long day out skiing, the temp of my body goes down. So I wear them again and I am then able to take enough time pitching camp properly. The knickers is also the ultimate weapon against polar thigh injuries (when you have decided to explore the polar regions)!!

trollveggen, Gore-Tex Pro Bib

I am definitely not ready to trade that guy! On every expeditions exploring some of the most remote places – from the Antarctic peninsula to deep Alaska or from wild Patagonia to precious Svalbard – the Trollveggen bib comes along. Functional, protective and rugged, this piece is really made for demanding trips. I totally trust it!

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