Trekking Destinations in Norway

3 Bucket List Trekking Destinations in Norway

Go trekking and discover Norway’s most scenic places. The best adventures are definitely best enjoyed on foot.
Trekking Destinations in Norway
Trekking Destinations in Norway

List Trekking Destinations in Norway
Text: Laine Smith Photo: Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure

1. Lofoten
Lofoten is a part of Norway that words can’t quite describe, you just have to experience it for yourself. Located North of the Arctic Circle at 68 degrees latitude, this dramatic archipelago has steep mountains rising straight out of the sea. These towering mammoths surround you in all parts of the archipelago, the beauty changing subtly as you traverse across the islands from East to West. Each Island has its own character and feeling, from isolated beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, to alpine peaks looming over the lush, green valleys. The ocean is a consistent presence, with Orca pods swimming off shore and Sea Eagles soaring overhead, the constant chatter of Seagulls and swift movements of Oystercatchers over the water, the occasional eyes of a Seal watching you from the water. The connection with nature in Lofoten is prevalent and powerful, and you can feel the history of the place within the natural environment and the quaint fishing villages along the way. Striking colors of red, yellow and white cabins along the sea make a stark contrast with the green, gray and blue colors of the natural environment. The long history of fishing culture in Norway is most iconic in Lofoten, with settlements dating back to 800AD when Vikings heavily influenced large parts of Europe and lived off the land. There is a balance in Lofoten between nature and civilization that is unique and personal, and to experience the magic of this place, it’s just something you have to see for yourself.

Trekking Destinations in Norway!
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Trekking Destinations in Norway

2. Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjerag

Trekking Destinations in Norway
Trekking Destinations in Norway

These three hiking destinations have become some of the most famous throughout Norway.

Although you have to put in some effort to get there, it is well worth the trip.

Trolltunga, also
known as the “Troll’s Tongue”, is a huge piece of Precambrian Bedrock that formed during the last ice age-approximately 10,000 years ago. As the large glaciers covering all of Norway melted, they left incredible geologic formations in their stead.

Today, we can explore these
traces of the ice age on foot, and stand upon astonishing rock formations hundreds of meters above the ground.

Trolltunga stands 700 meters above the valley floor, making walking out
onto this rock a thrill for the most avid hiker.

Preikestolen is an iconic formation that stands
25×25 meters in an almost perfect square, with vertical and overhanging walls reaching down
604 meters to Lysefjord below- The Fjord of Light.

This view is simply breathtaking- for its
beauty as well as its exposure.

Kjerag, the final Icon of Norway, is a large boulder wedged in
between two cliffs 984 meters above the ground. The hike itself to Kjerag is challenging, with chains to assist you up steep rocky terrain, and walking across the high plateau to reach your destination. Stepping out onto the rock itself takes a lot of courage, but just being there, enjoying the scenery is the experience of a lifetime. Views down into the fjords, base jumpers  on nearby cliffs, and a stunning hike in it of itself makes this hike an incredible experience.

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3. Sunnmøre and Romsdalen

Sunnmøre and Romsdalen are two areas filled with endless mountain terrain, beautiful valleys and stunning fjords.

If you want to escape from the Instagram crowds, these areas are the best. The remote feeling in the mountains here are for true nature lovers-who want to be away from the most touristy spots, and explore the remote and pristine wilderness Norway provides. Check out the famous Troll Wall and get the best fjord experience by boat at the Geirangerfjord or the Hjørundfjord where you can summit the famous Slogen mountain. Remember to bring a pair of extra trekking shoes, because you’ll wear them out here. The options are endless!

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