4 great views from my bike

Who else is dreaming of biking in Switzerland? Jean-Marc von Allmen shares his epic places to ride on his two wheels.

Words by: Jean-Marc von Allmen

I love to ride nice single trails on my mountain bike and especially when the landscape is beautiful.  Today I will share with you some epic places where I was lucky to ride on my two wheels.

I am Jean-Marc von Allmen, a mountain biker from Neuchâtel in Switzerland. I am a passionate mountain and outdoor person. I travel a lot with my van to different places.
The mountains have been my passions since I was a kid. In summer with my mountain bike and in winter on my skis. I also do mountaineering and when I have time I guide for the Swiss Alpine Club. Traveling to discover new single trails and new mountains is my lifestyle.
When I am not riding, I work as project manager in the watch industry.
In Switzerland we are lucky to live in a small country, so we can reach easily different area in a quite short time.
Photography is my other passion, I try to capture these different moments that I live in the mountains.

1. Val d’Anniviers, Valais - Switzerland

We took this photo end of October just after an early snowfall. It was a special atmosphere up there with these conditions. The larches already wore their gold coat before facing winter. Autumn is one of the most beautiful season for biking in Switzerland. These last years, the weather stayed quite warm at this time, the indian summer at its best. Behind me rise the Pointes de Nava under its first snow layer.
You can reach this point from St-Luc nearby the Hotel Weisshorn in the Val d’Anniviers. It is a beautiful wild valley out of the big resorts and which has remained authentic.
At the hotel, you can eat one of the best « tarte aux myrtilles » from the valley. You can believe me, it’s worth the detour !

2. Aletsch Gletscher, Wallis - Switzerland

The Aletsch Gletscher is really impressive and massive and it is the biggest glacier of the alps.This place reminds me of Norway. I like this atmosphere of cloudy sky and the glacier looks like a frozen fjord.
The single trail is technical, but really playful. You can find a lot of small slabs where you can ride down.
This viewpoint is situated above Bettmeralp, at the top of Bettmerhorn station. You can ride this amazing single trail until Riederalp. For sure you can put it on your bucket list.

3. Zermatt, Wallis - Switzerland

Zermatt is a well known place in Switzerland and especially for its Matterhorn. I choose to show you a different view, the one on the Breithorn. It is a 4000 m too, 4164 m to be exact. The North face is impressive with its massive hanging glaciers.
If you want to ride amazing single trail in a magic landscape, Zermatt is the spot. You can reach the top of the Gornergrat station with a mountain train, who can climb steep railway tracks. From there you will find a lot of different trails combinations on different side of the mountain.
Finally to end a good biking day I recommend you to taste a good « Walliser » raclette in the village.

4. Piz Umbrail, Graubünden - Switzerland

It was my first 3032m with my mountain bike. The last part of the climb is a bit technical in the rocks with a mountain bike on the shoulders but the effort is worth it to admire the breathtaking landscape from the summit. The area of the Val Müstair is really wild. From Santa Maria, the road lead to the Umbrail pass and finally arrive to the Stelvio Pass in Italy. It is the second highest road pass of the Alps. We spent a couple of days up there on a summer bike trip, what an experience and a great discovery !
The lake below me is the « Lai da Rims » who is nestled in the heart of the unspoiled nature of Val Mora.

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  1. Thanks, Jean-Marc, for these inspirational pictures! We´ve been in Zermatt in 2019, it was absolutely impressive! And now there are new destinations on our bucket list. Stay safe!

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