5 beautiful reasons why we love hiking

By Norrøna Ambassadors Charles Post and Rachel Pohl

1. Welcome to nature!

Hiking is one of the easiest ways to experience nature. Hiking doesn’t require much gear. All you need are some good boots, a few nice layers and a small pack. I never leave home without my binoculars, and Rachel never leaves without a small art kit for painting. Whether it’s a short day hike into the forest or a long hike into the mountains, you’ll never regret making the time to hike!

2. Move slowly

Hiking is a slower way to move through nature. Unlike biking or running, the pace at which you move allows you to see and connect with nature in a deep and unique way. The sounds of the birds and forest are clear, and the subtleties that are often easy to overlook become strikingly apparent. Both Rachel and I are drawn to the subtleties of nature. Maybe it’s a glimpse of a grouse in a tree or the fleeting light passing through the trees. This is where we find inspiration. 

3. Hiking with Mr.Knute

Our samoyed puppy, Knute, is always at our side. While we love ski touring, biking, running, surfing and hunting, a simple hike with the family may just be our favorite way to experience nature on a daily basis. It’s something we can do from our front door, and is perfectly suited for Knute until he is full grown and ready for bigger adventures pulling us on skis or going high into the mountains. 

4. Better spent with friends

Hiking is one of our favorite ways to spend time with friends and family. Unlike other outdoor activities that are well suited for the individual experience, hiking is something that easily caters to family and friends across ages and abilities. My dad recently surprised us with a visit, and while we would love to go on some epic adventure, hiking is the perfect balance for all of us. A long walk into the mountains or forest makes for a perfect opportunity to catch up, share stories and make some unforgettable memories.  

5. Pack your tent

Backpacking is one of our favorite ways to turn a hike into something greater. For all of those places you love visiting, packing a tent into your bag allows you to transform nature into your home away from home. Whether it’s a camping trip a short ways from home or one that takes you deep into the wilderness, hiking is the mode of travel that gets you there. And there’s no better way to spend a long weekend or summer holiday! 

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