5 trips for Easter

We reached out to our co-worker Jo and had him share some of his favorite trips to try this Easter.

Jo is a bundle of energy, always in a good mood. You might have encountered his extraordinary personality and expertise if you’ve been in touch with our Customer Experience team. He is a true outdoor enthusiast and loves to share his passion for the outdoors. Here are 5 trips he recommends to try this Easter if you’re in the right area. 


2250 m.a.s.l
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 6-7 hrs

Nautgardstinden is a quite long tour however the view on the top is spectacular and the tour itself is pretty easy. The last 200 meters are steep and can be exposed to wind. Bring your ice ax and crampons if you have on hard snow conditions. Otherwise, the east-ridge is a nice opportunity to climb up.

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1739 masl
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 7-8 hrs

Medium demanding summit hike in an idyllic and varied mountain landscape with magnificent views to Jotunheimen. Easy access from Beitostølen. You can either go straight to the summit on the vest-edge or as I did on this trip make a tour towards the clock. 

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2105 masl
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 7-8hrs

Rasletind is an easily accessible summit trip from Valdresflya. The trip can be done on both cross-country skis and mountain skis but is perhaps best suited for light randonee equipment. Here you can ski out in June and it is a nice trip with few steep slopes.

The trip takes between 4 and 6 hours round trip
There are several options up, but the most common track choice is to follow the ridge from the north and west.

From the top, you can look out over large parts of Jotunheimen, and for those who want to pick more peaks, you can take up to 10 different 2000-meter peaks from Rasletind relatively easily by following the ridge westwards.

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Jo på Synshorn


1475 masl
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2-3 hrs

Synshorn is a nice and easy trip that is suitable for the whole family. At the same time it can offer good and exciting skiing for the more experienced skiers. If you want to extend the trip, you can take Fagerdalshøe and Mefjellet on the same trip.

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Høgdebrotet & Tjønnholstinden

2331 masl
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 1 day+

Høgdebrotet itself is a great skitour from Valdresflya. You park at the road close to Knutshøe and the peak is easy to climb. I added a couple of two other 2000-meters called Steinflytinden and Tjønnholstinden on my way down which both are quite steep and edgy. A rope, axe, and crampons can be nice to bring on this ridge. 

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