50 Years of Celebrating the Planet

On April 22nd, it will be the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Brad Boren,
Director of Innovation and Sustainability

It is strange that for the first time since 1970 people won’t be cleaning trails, picking up plastic, planting trees, or finding other ways to celebrate our earth, but instead are following guidelines to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. As we looked daily at the diagram showing the danger curve of hospitals not being able to handle the number of infected and learning about straightening the curve, it was easy to see the situation facing our planet.

Norrøna has and is strongly committed to investing time, money and resources into helping improve the health of our planet. Whether it is collecting and recycling plastic, drastically reducing the use of virgin fibers in our products, only buying organically farmed cotton fibers, planting trees to reduce flooding and carbon dioxide, or investing in new sustainable technologies, we are committed to a healthier planet.

Our planet is sick, there is scientific evidence that increasingly unstable weather patterns with stronger hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, more flooding, larger areas of forests habitat being burnt by increasingly often fires, more coral reefs dying off and droughts which are threatening life in various parts of the earth for humans or other animals. In addition, we continue to burn down old forests for ranching, farming and development, develop and burn fossil fuels, and build closer to natural oceans and rivers disrupting the natural protection nature provided.

As we sit indoors, this earth day, it is important to make decisions on what we as individuals, companies and governments can do to flatten the curve. This time of crisis provides an opportunity for reflection and improvement from all of us. Planting more plants and trees outside our home and allowing natural growth that provides carbon capturing under our soil. Making sure to separate and recycle as much waste as possible, and looking to only buy recycled or organically grown products, planning more and driving less, using the least damaging source of transportation you can.

In 2019, 99% Norrøna employees travelled green to headquarters meaning not using fossil fuel automobiles to work. The 1 % was a person in a carpool. It means that where there are measurable goals and focus, we can make improvements. If the Covid-19 virus taught us anything it taught us that. 

To celebrate this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, there is nothing more meaningful than to develop measurable goals that improve your environmental footprint and reduce the damage you are causing to our planet. Write your goals down and share them in the comments section below, measure them and improve on them.

You can find our 2020 goals at https://www.norrona.com/globalassets/03-about/csr/csr-2.0/roadmap/road-map_final_2018-update.pdf and we will soon put out our 2029 goals.

Together we can help flatten the curve, and perhaps we can drive lasting change. Welcome To Nature.

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