A day in the mountains with Pierrick

Let me take you with me on a day trip. The kind of day where passion, work and hobbies mix all together. I’m Pierrick, I live in the French Alps and I try to enjoy the beautiful playground that surrounds me as much as I can. So today, l get up early, grab a pair of comfortable shoes and go on the trails.

I have two jobs – one as a content creator on my own, and another one as community manager at La Clusaz, a lovely mountain resort. So I regularly switch between being outside to produce footage and my offices. A bit unconventional? Yes. But that’s the life I choose. Everyday is different, I love it that way and this one is going to be perfect!

6.05 am I wake up before my alarm clock does. The first rays of sunshine are hitting the summits around the chalet and the sky is perfectly clear. Great weather for the hike and photoshoot I planned in the Aravis mountain range. My bag is already packed, my husky, Oka, is more excited than ever. I drink a cup of tea on the road to ensure I don’t waste time.

After a 6km hike wat 1000m elevation, I finally reach my goal: la Porte des Aravis. It is faster than I planned, and much easier with the morning lights. Let’s get to work! There is a bit of wind, but nothing that could prevent me from flying my drone and catching the magnificent landscape mother nature is offering me.

Nobody is around but stones. I keep shooting pictures of every piece of rock I see, while my dog is looking for the ibexes (or, wild goats) we saw on our way up. The sun is shining now, but even in summer it can be cold at 2500m altitude. I put my jacket on and find a nice spot to eat a late breakfast face-to-face with the Mont Blanc. 

Time flies! After this early shooting, I have work to do at home sorting and editing the pictures I took. On the way down across the woods I find blueberries that I gathered for the upcoming lunch break. It’s so satisfying to be able to find food along the trail. Maybe I will come back to gather more and cook a pie next time!

1.15 pm I’m home and the SD cards are plugged in my computer as soon as I pass the door. In the small village where I live, the internet isn’t that fast, so I let the file transfer run smoothly while I eat a snack. 

3 pm I ended up in my hammock with my computer on my knees. The perfect spot to work quietly, rest a bit and think about the next adventure (which will be this evening).

“Of course, I hike a lot, but what I prefer is trail running. It is like being a child again! It feels effortless when you finally enjoy the freedom and play wherever you want endlessly.”

So after an afternoon of hammock/remote working, the sun starts to set and the air becomes cooler. I decide to go running for a couple of hours. My dog and I are heading to the Sulens mountain. A nice summit close to the house which allows me to not have to drive.

I’m all alone. Well, almost. Up here, it’s a huge alpine pasture with cows and sheeps everywhere. Oka avoids herds and sticks with me because she is scared of the bells. What a great way to end the day! I didn’t see the time pass, and I hope you didn’t too while reading this. 

I sometimes feel lucky, but in fact, luck has nothing to do with it. If you like something (whatever hobby it is), you should spend as much time as you can doing it. Who knows, maybe you will become an expert, maybe it will lead to a part time job. One thing is sure, you will have more and more fun and that’s what life is about, right?

About Pierrick

Pierrick is an outdoor geek, always on the hiking trails around his home with a camera. Living and working as a Social Media Manager in the Aravis mountain range (French Alps), not a day goes by without a short walk, or a long hike. Running, hiking, skiing, camping… No matter the weather or the hour, he simply enjoys sharing his adventure.

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