A Tribute to Extreme User Testing

Norrøna came to life in 1929. A period in which disposing of your gear and clothing for the newer editions wasn’t practiced. A time when trends weren't the driving force behind purchase. Despite having to now compete with major international players in an industry that produces at warp speed, our Nordic roots have stubbornly kept our arduous procedures that verify premium sustainable quality.

It may seem like our Norwegian family-owned business could easily be overshadowed by the behemoth companies that dominate the outdoor wear industry. But our glimmering silver whiskers of wisdom are proof they originated from another era. And it’s turning out to be our ultimate strength. 

Case in point: The extreme user testing of the arktis collection

We maintain that every aspect of our timely design process is absolutely necessary. And a large chunk of this process includes 250 plus hours of user testing in the field each item is designed for – down to the beanies if you can believe it. When discussing the durability of Norrøna’s creations, RDD Director, Fredrik Lundberg, unwavering claims that the arktis collection is the benchmark of Norrøna’s extreme user testing process.

Norrøna’s arktis products were designed for arctic explorations in collaboration with Norwegian polar explorer and legend, Børge Ousland. Based on his decades long experience living through deathly freezing surroundings, and his personal knowledge from wearing all of the arktis products on a 90 day expedition in the North Pole.

“This capsule collection not only chronicles the path of an explorer, but the path a Norrøna product takes to become a quality artifact in every sense of the word.”

From the special snorkel hood that creates an air pillow to protect you from the elements on the arktis Gore-Tex Pro jacket. To the fully windproof and sustainable Naturaprene fabric used in the front and side panels of the arktis expedition facemask. This collection is the most thought through combination of equipment any glacier hunter should demand to have close to their skin.

Not all of us have scheduled an arctic adventure with a little blue iceberg emoji in our calendars. But when it comes to purchasing a product that will continue to be worn in future generations, under extreme conditions, we know we’ve created such artifacts.

Luckily, it’s a practice we’ve been accustomed to since birth.

The arktis collelction

Gore-Tex Pro Jacket Ousland edition

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Gore-Tex Pro Bib Ousland edition

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Gore-Tex Mittens Ousland edition

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expedition Facemask Ousland edition

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Polar explorer and Norrøna Ambassador Børge Ousland believes the arktis collection is not just about a brand or protection. He believes it’s a battle uniform. Listen in to find out how the veteran explorer’s collection came to life through its extreme user driven philosophy. Deep dive into the details behind the designs, and find out why Ousland believes learning the hard way is the best way to learn.

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