Women's Day

“I’m going to die now!”

That was the clear thought that shot through my head as I fell down the steep rocky north face of Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain. My knee and shoulder smashed against the rocks, and I screamed in agony. Despite the pain, I couldn’t help but smirk internally as I scolded myself for making such a stupid decision that could have cost me my life. Spoiler alert: I survived. But I learned some valuable lessons the hard way.

Crossing the Greenland Icecap

Hi! I am Hedvig, and I just finished crossing the Greenland icecap on skis. By the sound of that introduction, you probably think that I’m one of those people who was born with skis on my feet. That I grew up in the mountains. That cold temperature is like a close friend of mine. Well, it’s not at all like that.

Inspired by her

Whether it is to discover different summer sports while waiting for winter skiing, explore new challenges rather than sipping Aperol on a patio, or simply because it’s so much fun, find out how and why this strong girl biking community makes that sport such an amazing one.