Behind The Lens #0

Why is picture worth a thousand words?

Since the 1970’s when mountaineers were forming the Norrøna we now know today, photography from the mighty outdoors has been an essential part of Norrøna’s communication.

It started with the Legend, Tomas Carlström, the Swede that loved the art of ice climbing so much that he emigrated to Hemsedal, Norway to be closer to the action.

Tomas Calström

Dwelling amongst Thomas’ many talents is his passion for photography. For him, climbing was not just about the activity. It was also about capturing and documenting his friends as they defeated each crux, conquering the unknown, and etched their mark on the history of their culture.

For many years, he worked with Norrøna as Designer and Graphic Designer. Here, he was responsible for selecting imagery for communication materials. His rich knowledge of both the landscape and the country’s sports made him perfectly suited to his position.

At that time, a growing team of ambassadors were traveling the country and the world, exploring unknown territories and making history. Following the adventure, the documentation from their teams would then be shipped to Carlström, whose selections would become a part of the Norrøna history.

Today is no different from back in the 1970’s, but we are unquestionably producing tons more content. The digital age has given everyone around the world the ability to capture any moment, at any time and share it instantly with any amount of people. The most popular outlets are now almost all digital and the images are passing through our social feeds at an unfathomable speed.

In this column, I want to slow things down and feature (in my judgment) some of our iconic images from back in the good old Calström era, all the way through to our more recently shot images. I have 5 decades of material from the “Old School Days Slides Archive” to our sky-based digital archive to choose from, so there are bound to be some hidden gems too!

Some pictures tell a story and some images are just satisfying to look at. Some document history, some have an extraordinary behind-the-scenes story. Others are shot by talented photographers, documenting skilled athletes and interesting people. Some could just be an interesting fun fact.

2018 - Chris Holter - Frode Sandbech

My name is Chris Holter. I have been taking pictures and sending photographers and ambassadors on missions around the world for nearly 15 years. Doing this, I hope to continue to capture the visual essence of what Norrøna stands for.

Welcome to nature.

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