2011 - Lofoten - Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Behind the lens #1

You have been there. The waiting game.

The first image I have pulled out from the archive is shot by Sverre Hjørnevik, the motorbike cop turned photographer. The skier is the French legend Bruno Compagnet. The location is the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Exposure 1/1600 sec at f 5.6. Focal Lens 19mm. ISO 200. Camera Nikon D35

2011 - Lofoten - Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

You can probably understand why I have chosen this image: it’s just majestic. This is the reason why so many dream of going to Lofoten. These moments are the ones you are searching for.

For me this image is about waiting. Having the patience to wait it out. Never give up and if you are dedicated enough, the perfect moment will reveal itself.

On the morning of 31 March, 2011, a team of Norrøna ambassadors, photographers and filmmakers were on a mission to capture epic images for the new lofoten collection. The problem was that the weather was not good. Bad visibility with snowy winds. The weather forecast was promising but when you are so close to the sea you really don’t know if it will open up or not. We hoped for the best and skinned to the top.
After spending hours on the top with not much to do other than talk bullshit over the walkie talkie and eat up all the snacks, most of us gave up waiting. We decided to return to the rorbu, a Norwegian fishing cabin, and try to do something on the way down (but this did not turn out so good). We were sure the perfect shot was not going to happen.

Bruno and Sverre decided to give it a little more time. They hiked up higher on the ridge and planned to descend down the opposite side from where we came up. The rest of us skied down. And what do you know! Just when we got down, the sky opened up! I remember arriving at the car and looking up at the mountain and thinking, “we have to go back up!” But for some reason, a cold beer and a fresh warm fish cake was more tempting. Also, I was hoping Sverre and Bruno were nailing it!

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