behind the lens 2 Frans Josef Land 2007

Behind the lens #2

Extreme Conditions

Shot by the Norwegian Polar explorer Børge Ousland. From the footsteps of Fridtjof Nansen through Frans Josef Land 2007 expedition with Thomas Ulrich.

Exposure 1/100 sec at f 11. Focal Lens 28mm. Film Fuji Provia 100f. Camera: Nikon 28Ti

behind the lens 2 Frans Josef Land 2007

Over the years at Norrøna I have had the privilege to follow Børges expeditions up close. Listened to his goals and dreams before setting off into no-mans-land and getting to hear about the challenges and victories straight after his returns. To be one of the first to go through his documentations is always fascinating. Often there are images that get me curious, what happened before and after the exposure was taken?

This image engages me mostly because of the weird calmness. Don’t suspect Børge has many of these moments, but for me it would feel some want normal for Børge to wake up to a new challenging day. Peek out the tent and see a beautiful creature that wants him for breakfast. (The polar bear is probably ”Oh this dude again”) It’s for most people a scary moment, but for Børge it’s a reminder that he is not all alone out there.

Børge Ousland is probably our biggest polar explorer in modern history. Known for crossing the Arctic sea in darkness, and covering vast distances over Antarctica unsupported and alone. His great stories and photography is documented in several books and published by publications like National Geographic. His talks are inspirational and motivating. I am pretty sure that his achievements would not have been so well documented and known if it wasn’t for his talent and eager to share his moments with us.

Børge Ousland

Børge explores demanding places that are challenging and mistakes can be fateful. An expedition takes a lot of physical and mental energy. But he still has the capacity to document it. I know if I would have woken up and a bear is outside my tent. I would reach for my gun, not my camera.

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