What it really means to be a Norrøna ambassador

These days, the word “influencer” is often used to describe the product-pushing masters dominating social networking platforms. That’s why we here who work within Norrøna bristle at the idea of our ambassadors being confused for influencers. Sure, they represent our brand and are the creators of some truly inspirational content. Yet one of the primary responsibilities of a Norrøna ambassador isn’t as well known…

A Tribute to Extreme User Testing

Norrøna came to life in 1929. A period in which disposing of your gear and clothing for the newer editions wasn’t practiced. A time when trends weren’t the driving force behind purchase. Despite having to now compete with major international players in an industry that produces at warp speed, our Nordic roots have stubbornly kept our arduous procedures that verify premium sustainable quality.

Norrøna’s New Partnership

This year, the Norrøna sales team partnered with Goodwings, a hotel booking platform that allows travelers to easily document their travels and receive a summary of their total carbon emissions during their trip. Yes, they currently use generalized data, which will improve over time but it helps us understand the patterns of our climate impact. Finding the right tools and partners have been a necessary step in the right direction towards achieving the first goal in our 2029 roadmap – Zero Carbon footprint.

What does the roadmap mean to you?

A business can easily state their sustainability goals to the public with a pristine and compressed press release or post. We’ve recently done the same with our 2029 Roadmap. We’re so excited to share what we hope to accomplish in the future, but before starting sharing updates, we wanted to hear what our ambitious Roadmap goals meant personally to those of us working within the Norrøna universe.