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A new chapter within Norwegian adventure travel begins as Norrøna and Hvitserk of Norway become one.

From the majestic fjords to powerful peaks, through powder turns and endless trails. Norrøna Hvitserk adventure will offer you travel experiences on foot, ski, and kayak.

“We are happy and proud to be able to develop Norwegian tourism together with Norrøna, which shares our enthusiasm for nature experiences and environmental responsibility,” says Marit Vidnes, CEO and Co-Founder of Hvitserk Adventure travel and expeditions.

The merge is an excellent opportunity for both companies to create additional value for the customers and offer fantastic experiences in the outdoors. With our shared values, we have high expectations of what the future will bring.

About Hvitserk
Hvitserk has over 40 years of experience arranging unique adventure travels around the world. Always traveling in small groups and always emphasize on leaving the smallest footprint possible, for the benefit of the environment and the local culture. Hvitserk continues to strive for trips that are unique, engaging, and explorative while staying connected to their roots and their dynamic history.

About ten years ago, the company started organizing tours in Norway. In 2017, tours in Norway became a company of its own: Hvitserk of Norway, which is the company where Norrøna has become a majority shareholder.

"Our vision is "Welcome to Nature." We want all of our customers to have amazing experiences in the great outdoors and work daily to achieve our mission: creating the best outdoor products in the world. Now, we'll be able to bring our customers even closer to our vision."

- Jørgen Jørgensen, 4th Generation owner and leader of Norrøna

A few years ago, we decided that we should be offering outdoor experiences, as well as products. By building a partnership with Hvitserk of Norway, Norrøna is able to welcome everyone to enjoy our Norwegian culture and nature in outdoor gear capable of enduring the arctic wilderness. Together, we can provide everything needed to explore the best of our country so you can enjoy nature no matter what.

“This is the start of an exciting journey in the field of traveling for Norrøna and an important step in the further development of former Hvitserk of Norway towards becoming the leading provider of unique travel experiences for smaller groups. We offer tailor-made trips, both for Norwegian and international clients. We look forward to organizing exclusive trips in Norway for our consumers from all over the world, providing them with the right clothes to wear,"

- Jørgen Jørgensen

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