Jo Hoff Nordskar

Comfort is key-Beat the freeze and hit the trail!

Layering your clothing is essential. Next to a strong mind- the scenery is yours!

Jo Hoff Nordskar works in our customer service department, when he is not running. It’s not in his nature to brag, but this guy has been part of the National Team in kayak, cycling, triathlon and winter triathlon. 
With two kids at home, the training is limited. Quality and smartness is necessary. 

Here he gives you the ultimate tips for embracing trail running.

"Its all about setting goals and use them as a tool for motivation, no matter whether they are big or small, short term or long term goals you work towards. In addition, for me it's always been important to be versatile as a key to keep up the motivation."

You have won medals in both Norwegian and European Championships and been part of the National Team in several sports. Congratulations!

I assume you have a strategic training program!

Yeah, I used to have that. But as you get older you learn to listen to your body rather than a plan. On the other hand, it’s important to add strength training to your weekly training program. Strength training improves your balance, strengthens your bones, makes you stronger and protects your bone health, just to mention some effects. Add some intervals- and you´ll soon see improvements.

"Yeah, versatility is important to me. It allows me to play in different arenas, and it gives me greater opportunities to experience a sense of achievement, that again triggers motivation and training."

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