From our home office to yours.

Here are our best tips and tricks to stay safe, healthy and sane while balancing work and life under the same roof. Check it out!

Home office tips: Don't wear pajamas! Get up early, get ready as usual and turn into office mode! Keep clear boundaries between work and leisure time. That said, take some breaks and enjoy the sun, the rain, good coffee and a phone call to your loved ones!

- Ray


Project Manager & Store Design
Oslo, Norway

Go-to meal at home: Every morning is kicked off with our fast and easy oatmeal porridge with cinnamon and strawberry jelly.

Motivational song / playlist: Florence & the Machine, Dog days are ( soon ) over.

Favorite outdoor activity: Trekking.

Favorite indoor exercise to remain active: Cleaning! Clean desk policy is transformed to Clean house policy! Play some beats, have fun and do some extra squats when dusting those shelves!

A podcast to listen to: A sucker for true crimes! Check out Serial.

A book to read: Top 1: Neil Gaiman; American Gods, and a good 2nd: Stephen Fry; Mythos.

A TV-serie to watch: I am into mystic and The Outsider is thrilling!

Your Norrøna home office attire: I am wearing cozy! falketind Warmwool2 Stretch Zip Hood and baselayer Wool Longs. Don’t forget some nice socks, like svalbard Mid Weight Merino Socks.

Warmwool2 Stretch Zip Hood
The ultimate all-round, all-year hooded mid-layer.

Wool Longs
Soft and comfortable longs in 3rd party verified merino wool.

Favorite outdoor activity: "It would involve a mountain. Either hiking with my hammock in my backpack, or ski touring in the winter season."

- Silje


UX designer

Go-to meal at home: I brought smoothy back! I used to be really good at making smoothies for breakfast, but then I forgot about it, and now I’m really good at it again. Tip: I put a raw egg and oatmeal in the mix of frozen berries, yoghurt and juice – keeps me full longer and energized 🌟

Motivational song / playlist: This one makes me smile right now: “Maroon 5 – What Lovers Do (feat. SZA)”. I think it might be because I saw a really funny video on TikTok to this song! (I’m sorry I’m 31 and use TikTok, but I swear I’m not posting any videos!😂)

Favorite indoor exercise to remain active: I do not think it qualifies as “exercise”, but I have been sewing ALOT lately! Maybe it counts as a brain exercise? And I do have to step on the pedal. I have also SNUCK in an occasional yoga session now and then.

A podcast to listen to: How I built This with Guy Raz – stories about some of the world’s best known companies.

A book to read: Originals by Adam Grant. Super interesting!

A TV-serie to watch: Or a movie? → Call me by your name. Otherwise: Tiger King was…very entertaining!

Your home office tips: Sometimes when it is sunny outside I put on summer clothes and pretend it is summer. It’s weird, but it gives me a happy feeling and some extra energy 🤷🏻‍♀️ Less weird tips: Make a good lunch and try to separate your workspace from your relax space. Listen to good music. Make plans for what you want to achieve each day and try to stick to them. Pet yourself on the back every now and then 🙌🏻

Your Norrøna home office attire: Baselayer wool longs with baselayer wool zip neck top. Soft, comfy & warm – and I like that the snug fit and design makes me feel “less sloppy” 😇

Wool Zip Neck
The 3rd party verified merino wool keeps you warm and comfortable.

Wool Longs
Soft and comfortable longs in 3rd party verified merino wool.

Home office tips: "I try to break up the day by bringing my dog for a walk outside, cooking something or doing a quick home workout. Also reminding myself to DRINK WATER and not just coffee!"

- Emma


Sales USA
Jackson, WY 

Go-to meal at home: Bread!! – now that I have all this “indoor-time”, I’ve become obsessed with the challenge of baking bread! Bagels are my new favorite, next step Ciabatta!

Motivational song / playlist: Evan Finds the Third Room – Khruangbin, classic soul & R&B meets a bit of new-age psychedelic funk. Great upbeat music that keeps me going and focused when I’m feeling tired of sitting in the house!

Favorite outdoor activity: Backcountry skiing in the winter and spring – been dreaming up some big ski missions in the high alpine these days 😉 Trail Running and Mountain Biking in the spring/summer/fall – craving some long runs in the mountains to escape all of the day-to-day craziness and “get lost” in nature for a few hours. Hoping there are lots of rowdy, muddy bike adventures in the near future too!

Favorite indoor exercise to remain active: Jump lunges, “core-burner” workouts, yogi pushups – my goal is to be able to do 30 perfect pushups, at one time, by the end of this quarantine! 

A podcast to listen to: The Stokecast – about the day-to-day lives of the world’s top adventure enthusiasts and what they do to fuel their pursuits and accomplishments; super inspiring
The Armchair Expert – Comedian, Dax Shepard interviews Celebrities, Icons and Academics alike about all topics and what makes us tick; always interesting and a good laugh.

A book to read: Barbarian Days – A Surfing Life by William Finnegan. Amazing autobiography about surfing, the ocean, and life overall.  

A TV-serie to watch: I just started McMillions (docu-mini-series about the McDonalds Monopoly scam). CRAZY story and highly recommend it! Parks & Recreation for light-hearted, comedic relief.

Your home office tips: Make a plan for the day: it can be challenging working from home and using your time wisely, having a rough schedule and list of what I want to get done can help me manage my time and not get distracted by the other things I could be doing at home. Also having a designated, organized workspace helps me stay focused. I try to break up the day by bringing my dog for a walk outside, cooking something or doing a quick home workout. Also reminding myself to DRINK WATER and not just coffee! 

Your Norrøna home office attire: Skibotn Crewneck – although it’s “technically” a men’s product, it has become my go-to piece to feel comfortable and look my best for all video meetings 😉
Lyngen Alpha90 Vest – the best layer to throw on inside and allows me to be ready at any moment to take a quick break outside!

alpha90 Vest
The go-to garment, extra insulation that adds minimal weight and volume.

Crew Neck 
A quick-drying and durable crew neck designed for enduro-style mountain biking.

Favorite outdoor activity: "Biking and hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter."

- Alex


Digital Marketing Specialist
Bærum, Norway

Go-to meal at home: Been eating a lot of omelets lately. Super fast and easy to make and you can put almost any ingredients in them so it’s not the same meal every time.

Motivational song / playlist: Just for Us – Francis and the Lights. Go see that guy live some time!

Favorite indoor exercise to remain active: I don’t really exercise at home. We just had a kid so I do get sort of a workout from carrying him up and down the stairs trying to calm him down…

A podcast to listen to: The Jeselnik and Rosenthal Vanity Project. A bit of dark humor and nonsense is always nice.

A book to read: I like a good thriller, especially the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child.

A TV-serie to watch: Peaky Blinders – still great after 5 seasons. I would also recommend “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” and old “The Office” (US-version of course) episodes for some lighter entertainment!

Your home office tips: If you have the room for it I would definitely recommend creating an office space in a separate room in your home. Go to work as normally as possible to create some separation between work and personal time. And remember to get some fresh air!

Your Norrøna home office attire: The trollveggen Thermal Pro fleece jacket is my go-to piece anywhere and always the Norrøna Cap. 

Thermal Pro Jacket
Our most durable mid-layer with the best warmth to- weight ratio in our mountaineering range.

Snap back Cap
A classic snap back with a mid high profile and flat visor.

Home office tips: "If you have vinyl records, play it loud. If you have a garden or a balcony, get some fresh air. Plan and set goals for your day, talk to your colleagues every now and then and take proper breaks from the screen."

- Pernille


Design assistant
Oslo, Norway

Go-to meal at home: Can I say Foodora? I make sure to order from my favourite local restaurants every now and then. #supportthelocals!

Motivational song / playlist: Eels’ album “Daisies of the Galaxy” makes me happy.

Favorite outdoor activity: Skiing, hiking, climbing, sailing, surfing… Anything that involves mountains or oceans.

Favorite indoor exercise to remain active: Yoga! And sometimes I just stand straight and stare out of the window for a while. I guess it looks freaky but it’s nice to see that there’s a world out there. I’ve also started whittling. This quarantine thing makes me weird.

A podcast to listen to: TED talks.

A book to read: Anything by Helge Ingstad. He was a Norwegian explorer with a humble and inspiring attitude.

A TV-serie to watch: Fargo.

Your Norrøna home office attire: Wool baselayer and svalbard wool hoodie, and the fisherman beanie if I have a skype meeting and need to hide my home office hair tragedy. 

wool Hood
A thinner midlayer perfect for spring, summer and fall made in a functional wool/polyester mix.

fisherman Beanie
A classic beanie made of warm and comfortable merino wool. 

Podcast to listen to: "Blister Review Podcast: You need to be a little ski nerd to fluffy enjoy it. But some really interesting information about hardgoods and the ski industry. "

- Willy


Sales France
Grenoble, France

Go-to meal at home: Apple 3x per day! Simple, fresh, and healthy.

Motivational song / playlist: “Screamadelica” By Primal Scream. When rock meets dance music during the 90’. Give it a try, it’s worth it! 

Favorite outdoor activity: Skiing.

Favorite indoor exercise to remain active: We do daily fitness exercises with friends, every day at 7 pm, on facetime! The more you are, the more fun you have!

A book to read: The Hacienda “how not to run a club” Peter Hook. The bass player of New Order and Joy Division explains how to run a club in Manchesterster during the ‘80s and lose millions of pounds. Vernon Subutex By Virginie Despentes, it’s a must-read too. 

A TV-serie to watch: The Bureau.

Your home office tips: Keep the same lunch and dinner times. Routine is important. 

Your Norrøna home office attire: Skibotn Crew Neck! Because it looks casual, but when the confinement will be over I will be ready for biking.

Crew Neck
A quick-drying and durable crew neck designed for enduro-style mountain biking.

alpha90 vest
The all-time go-to garment for extra insulation that adds minimal weight and volume.

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