Get you and your bike ready for the season

Spring is getting closer and bike season is just around the corner. For some people, the season may already have started.

Words by: Armin Beeli

Spring is a special time of the year for me with both ski touring and biking on the agenda. I am full into winter mode; my legs are strong for resort shred and there are also a lot of ski tours planned. The struggle to have enough time for skiing and biking is real, but I can’t complain…

My name is Armin Beeli and I live in Switzerland. I spent the whole winter skiing and have already 90 days skiing so far this season, with hopefully a lot more days to come. In the summer I spend most of the time on my Mountain Bike, but I also enjoy climbing, paragliding and most of the activities you can do outside in nature.

As an active Mountain Biker, I want to share my knowledge on how to get the Bike and yourself ready for the first rides and to avoid mechanical surprises out on the trail. The first ride is all about enjoying the trip!

First Ride Struggles:

It’s Spring and I am physically in good shape, but my skier legs are made to stomp jumps and feel kind of stiff. Legs are heavy and not used to pedal strokes. I always forget about the pain sitting on the bike seat for the first time of the season. Luckily that feeling disappears after a few rides.


This time of the year, it’s still cold outside, and I therefore always bring extra clothing to keep me warm for the downhills.

I use my fjørå backpack to carry some extra pieces and mechanical stuff. First rides can bring some unexpected bumps on the way.

Additional Gear in my backpack:

Suspension Pump
Little Saw
Neck warmer

This time of the year, it’s still cold outside, and I therefore always bring extra clothing to keep me warm for the downhills.

- Armin Beeli


My bike is a Trek Remedy 27.5 wheels. It’s cool for bike park and harder Enduro downhill tours, so more downhill than uphill day trips. The other Bike is a Fuel Ex for the Long Trips

Bike Check:
It’s important to clean your bike before you put it away for the winter. Then it’s a lot easier to see any damages and you have the whole winter to order and replace parts. Unfortunately the snow came too fast for me this time..

To be a proper Bike Chef hang your bike on a stand.

How to get the bike ready for the first ride:

1. Clean it with dry towel from dust
2. Put some lube on the chain
3. Check thru the gears make sure all works smooth and quite
4. Break check
5. Air pressure on the Suspension (I deflate it during the Winter)
6. Check Tire Pressure and refill some Tubeless sealant
7. Check all the screws, if possible, with an torque wrench
8. Ready to go…

Choose the right trail:

For a successful first ride I choose a south exposed uphill and easy downhill-trail, so the trail is kind of dry and grippy. Watch out for shadow parts, they are sometimes still frozen and slippery.

The first ride does not have to be super long. For me it’s more a bike check run, as you always need to make some adjustments. Remember to have your tools with you!

Enjoy your first ride!

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