How a skype interview landed me a job at Norrøna

I flew over 9000km to work at Norrøna. This is my story.

Hey there, I’m Jaklin and I work at Norrøna as a software developer in the Digital and Business Development department.

We run the strategic and digital projects across Norrøna, with the goal of transforming creative ideas into great digital products and services. I am originally from South Africa – “South Africa?”, you say? Yes indeed, I flew over 9000km to work at Norrøna. Why? Well, let’s start at the beginning.

Sitting in South Africa and thinking to myself: “I want to strive for more and move from one of the warmest countries to one of the coldest.” I started looking for jobs abroad, I finally found what looked to be perfect, an application for a software developer position in Norrøna. With no hesitation I clicked “apply.” I had no expectation that a company so far away would ever contact me, but it took a mere day before I got an email to arrange a first interview.

I sat in South Africa and did my interviews over Skype, until the day came where I had to fly to Norway and do the final interview in person. When I arrived at Norrøna HQ for the first time I was given a warm greeting, meeting the colleagues who would soon become some of my closest friends.

During the interview process, I discovered there is so much more to Norrøna than high quality outdoor products, what struck me most were the core values that are discussed:

“Our cultural values reflect our fundamental beliefs and are the guiding principles that direct our behavior and how we interact with each other.”

As an exercise, I had to apply these values to myself and reflect on what they meant to me, and once you really sit down and think about it, these core values aren’t only applicable at work. After learning about them I try to apply them in my daily and personal life as well.

After doing the personal interview, I was offered a job and well needless to say, one month later I packed up and moved to Norway to start on a new adventure with Norrøna. I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome company and the community of great people. There’s such a vast range of individuals with so many different interests and hobbies. It’s a place where even the nerds, who sit behind their desks most of the time, are involved in all kinds of sporting activities. One commonality exists between us all and that is a true passion for nature.

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