Vincent Colliard - Love your gear. Repair!

Love your gear. Repair.

Join us at our HQ together with Vincent Colliard and see why.

Vincent Colliard is a French explorer, Norrøna ambassador and sustainability advocate. As part of the Ice Legacy Project (in partnership with Børge Ousland), Vincent regularly finds himself in some of the most extreme but memorable environments. For this reason, he chooses to repair his products instead of replacing them. This not only helps on the sustainability front but also allows him to access those moments of nostalgia every time he suits up.

"This jacket means a lot to me and that's why I repair it. Having an old piece of gear reminds me of a lot of good memories"

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Norrøna has been offering repair on all its products since 1929

Norrøna’s unflinching approach to sustainable clothing stretches far further than just the final product. Our aftersale care has become paramount to us through the years. Every year, we repair over 10,000 products from our extreme users. We want to ensure that the memories you create on the journeys you take stay with you and continue to protect you on all your future adventures.

So if you have a piece of Norrøna lying around, send it in, give it a new lease of life and enjoy it for years to come!

2 thoughts on “Love your gear. Repair.”

  1. Anne Hilde Langhelle

    Legger dere opp goretex bukser? Jeg har en oppturbukse som er litt for lang og det blir til at jeg ikke bruker den.
    Vennlig hilsen Anne Hilde

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