Meet ambassador Rachel Pohl!

The artist with incredible mountain paintings hopes to inspire others to live a life they sincerely love with more vulnerability, bravery, and wholeheartedness.

Welcome to Nature, Rachel. 
 We are extremely happy to have you onboard as a Norrøna ambassador!

Thank you! I love being aligned with a brand that believes in sustainability, durability, and the importance of nature.

What do you see outside your window, right now?
Snowy mountains, sunshine, a bald eagle. 

Why are you drawn to nature?
It is the place where everything makes the most sense. Where I am inspired to do my work (painting), where I can actually hear my own thoughts!


You and your husband Charles Post are truly devoted to environmental issues. 

We definitely think every day about how we can be better proponents of the planet. The climate crisis is the single greatest threat to our planet and humanity, and the impacts of a warming planet are transforming the winters we love, the biodiversity that make our favorite places unique, and ultimately it’s up to us as humans to find solutions. Charles is a scientist and I recommend following him  @charles_post on instagram if you’d like to have daily inspiration on ecosystem thinking!

What is your mission?
To inspire others to live a life they sincerely love with more vulnerability, bravery, and wholeheartedness. To encourage health, both physical to mental, in addition to the health of our planet and our communities. 


Tell us about your wonderful work.

Thank you 🙂 I paint colorful landscapes in both acrylic and oil paints, sometimes outside (called plein air) and sometimes in my studio. I have been a full time artist for 7 years now! I also have a webshop where I sell my originals, apparel, accessories and so much more! I love working for myself and it has allowed me to travel, ski, bike, and explore all over the world. 

What inspires you? 

Everything!! Yes mountain landscapes inform my paintings, but I am inspired by music, literature, podcasts… I am basically in love with learning and growing and am inspired even by the smallest things to think differently about my life and also about my paintings. Do you think best outside the box?
Yes, definitely! I thrive off of doing things no one else has done or can even imagine. Sometimes people think my ideas are far fetched but those ideas often come to life. And truly, it doesn’t matter what others think about my wild ideas! Also in every personality test I’ve ever taken I am “the rule breaker” haha.

How would you describe last year?
A rediscovery of what is truly important and who I really am. It was also the first year I started pushing my art business instead of being distracted and also just doing the same things (and selling the same products) year after year! It was a year of tremendous growth and I am honestly grateful for it, despite it being a very hard time (still is honestly). 

How do you stay fit during lock down?
At home work out videos (specifically an online platform called Hustl Station) which focus on strength, form, and stability. Also some weightlifting and skiing in our yard/ running (depending on the season- we’ve all had so many lockdowns by now). 

What and to whom was the last text you sent? What did you write?
To one of my best friends, asking about finally getting out for a ski tour together this season! 


What gives you the most pleasure in life?

As cliche as it may sound, the little things. Cooking to my favorite music, slow mornings in the sauna, laughter, the feeling of floating through powder, kisses from our puppy, sunshine on my eyelids, tired legs. The little things are actually the big things 🙂 

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Chocolate, mayonnaise, cookies, cookie dough, candy, but I don’t feel guilty about any of it.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
A veggie egg scramble, grapefruit, and a smoothie. I reeeeeeallly love to eat and cook. 

Which song is the soundtrack of your life?
One song is too hard to choose but I love Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Sigrid. 

Where will we find you skiing this season?
In the mountains around our home in Montana. Like most, because of Covid we will be close to home. You will also find us skijouring with our Samoyed Knute which has been a really rewarding way to connect with him, and a way to be exhilarated (aka terrified) on skinnier skis when the snow is sub par. 



Tell us about your last epic skiing day!

Honestly, it was last year. We’ve had a really rough winter in Montana. From a record low snow year to Covid not allowing us to travel, to a super unstable snowpack, good skiing has been hard to come by this year! What we’ve realized more than ever this winter, is that terrible snow years like this could become a pattern in the not too distant future if we don’t get the climate crisis under control in time. It has been an important wakeup call, and also a reminder that every single safe day in the mountains is precious.

Describe your style. 
Colorful, fun, practical, eclectic. 

Tell us about your favourite products from Norrøna!
That is a tough question because there are quite a few. Right now my favorites are… from the lofoten collection, the lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Jacket and/or Anorak, as well as the Gore-Tex pants. I am also a huge fan of the tamok collection for freeriding. The lofoten Primaloft80 anorak has been one of my favorite insulation layers- I love how long it is!! It’s my dream jacket because I have ALWAYS wanted an insulated jacket with ventilation. My other go-to insulation layers have been the lyngen down850 hood and the falketind down750 hood. 



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