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In these uncertain times, customer relationships and a clear brand strategy are getting even more important! My name is Jonas Ruppersberg and I am Sales Representative for Norrøna in South and West Germany.

For me it was always important to work for a company with values I can share proudly instead of making up strange reasons to sell a product. I don’t follow the classic salesmen saying “give me anything, I can even sell a washing machine!”. Personally, I have to be able to identify with a brand, its values and products. 


Working now over 4 years in the Norrøna Sales Team, I am still impressed with the commitment of creating the world’s greatest outdoor products with the smallest possible footprint. 

-Jonas Ruppersberg

Besides introducing our new collection to customers, keeping up the daily operations, restocking good selling items, setting up window campaigns and our Munich showroom, product clinics are an important part of our customer service.

We as a Sales Team are having long product meetings with our Head of RD&D Fredrik Lundberg every time we launch a new season. He is a true design and material expert and we try to absorb as much information as possible.

Returning into our individual markets afterwards, we try to pass on this valuable knowledge to retail buyers and especially the selling staff on the floor. 

-Jonas Ruppersberg

Testing our products is an inherent part of the product development process at Norrøna. The same goes for me. In order to be able to explain our products properly and deliver relevant information, I need to test and wear them myself. Working in South Germany gives me the possibility to jump out of the car and experience nature in between customer visits, go for a sunrise splitboard tour in the morning or have a lunch break surf session at the Eisbach in Munich. So, I am able to test our latest hiking, trail running, surf or ski touring items and gain important knowledge. Later I can use this in my next customer product clinic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been influencing my daily job heavily.

Due to the first lockdown all retail stores in Germany had to close down for 7 weeks in March and April. Of course this led to big insecurities especially within our classical brick and mortar retail partners. Making reliable predictions is almost impossible due to the daily changing status quo and meeting in person, which we normally prefer instead of calling our customer, got limited. 
I experienced this two weeks ago, when I received a call from a close friend which I met some days before. His wife received a positive COVID-19 test result and he had to contact all people he met in the last 7 days. At the same time I was shortly before leaving our showroom and driving out on a customer visit trip towards Frankfurt for three days. Even though I had only short contact with them and outside with the recommended distance. But clearly I could not take the risk of possibly infecting my customers and other people on my journey. Therefore, I had to cancel ad hoc, stay at home and do a test, which luckily turned out to be negative 48h later. Everybody has been understanding and personal safety of myself and my customers comes first.  

In these troubling times we once more see the benefit of close relationships and our selective distribution strategy.

-Jonas Ruppersberg

We seek long lasting partnerships which can withstand tough times together, helping each other out, are open for new solutions (such as digital meetings and collection showings) and possibly get out of this even stronger!

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  1. Nice to ‘meet and greet’ you, Jonas! Wonderful to see that Norrona continues to impress you several years into your journey with them. Bravo for staying true to your values and engaging sales ethically 🙂

    P.S I have the same moleskin planner on my desk right now!

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