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Meet Andreas

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Meet our new employee Andreas.

Andreas is what Germans like to call a “Münchner” and he will be heading the service center in our Flagship Store in Munich. The expert seamster has recently made a trip to Oslo to visit  Norrøna’s in-house repair guru, Sissel, to get some tips and tricks before he heads back to Germany. He was also nice to put down his sewing needle for a minute and share with us his story. 

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A homerun connection 
Now for a little inside information. How does one land the head of repair job in one of our stores? For Andreas, it was a homerun. He met the Munich store manager, Chris, through the baseball league they both play in. “He knew what I worked with and my experience, so he asked me to come in for an interview,” says Andreas. 

And what kind of experience do you have? 
“I previously worked with Gore in the rain shower test center. I worked in the industrial side of testing fire and police apparel. I think I have a good knowledge on how Gore-Tex should work,” he says.

That’s ideal seeing as Norrøna and Gore-Tex have had a strong partnership for years and have managed to make some pretty cool life long outdoor products (shoutout to the now iconic lofoten jacket among others).

“I also used to work at the Munich Opera House. Which is where I learned tailoring,” he adds with a smile.  

You have quite an impressive resume, are you nervous at all for this new position with Norrøna? 
“Sure, There is a lot I know but there’s also a lot to learn. I can already notice I need to get quicker and find the best routines,” he says. “I plan on reaching out a lot to Sissel and the other repair manager in Stockholm.”

What are you most looking forward to in working in the Munich store? 
“Seeing how the Germans react towards the brand. Bavaria is perhaps more used to using more traditional fabrics, so I’m excited to see how customers will react to newer, more technical materials,” he shares

It’s not all fabrics. Andreas is also thrilled for the people who like to ride the Eisbach.  
 “We have a lot of surfers, so I’m excited. The surfing community is growing so it’s going to be cool to see how the local surfers react to the unstad collection.”

Tell us! When you’re not in fixing mode, is it all about baseball on your days off?
“Oh no. Trail running has been my passion. I’m also biking a lot more these days”

Andreas plans on being in-store and ready to greet customers for between 3 and 4 days a week. Our Flagship Store in Munich opened June 15th. So stop by whenever you get a chance and say hi to Andreas.  

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