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Last summer, we invited some of our Loyalty Members on an epic adventure in Jotunheimen National Park. Here, we got to know Vegard Sjøblom. From his childhood memories with his father’s superhero anorak to his present day lofoten Gore-Tex Pro, Vegard tells us how he came to be one of our true super fans. Read our interview with Vegard.

Vegard, you are a true Norrøna fan. Why?

This is something that came to be very “naturally”.
I grew up in Finnmark and as a child, every weekend invited to a new adventure in the countryside.
One of the first things that comes to mind when I think back is my dad’s anorak from Norrøna.
My dad’s anorak was always with us; when we went fishing, picking mullets, groping, skiing, chopping or just sitting around the fire.
My dad was my role model, my superhero.
All superheroes have their own suit, mine had a Norrøna anorak.

Norrøna has become part of what I like best, being on adventures, being in nature.
For me, quality, durability, fit and smart solutions are important, therefore I chose Norrøna.
The clothes are functional and fit the activities I do.

Norrøna does not just follow the trend, they create the trend. They dare to be a bit resilient in a tough and challenging market.

What's your favourite garments from Norrøna?

The lofoten Gore-Tex Pro collection – it’s my uniform. I like thoughtful and smart solutions tailored to top skiing so when I’m facing bad weather in the mountains, with all sorts of challenges, it is comforting to know that the clothes I am wearing are fitted for the purpose. I’m able to have great movement and make adjustments where necessary.
I really like spacious pockets where you can stuff equipment you need easily accessible. Headgear, gloves and buffers are fine to be able to tuck away without having to stop. Never change a winning team.

The fact that Norrøna has a great commitment to nature, climate and environmental protection is also really important to me. Buying equipment that is well-proven and that lasts longer, also provides good second-hand value.

- Vegard Sjøblom
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You are a Loyalty Member. Why do you like it?

I really like the “Loyalty Member” concept of Norrøna, you feel that you are “part” of something bigger.
Here you have access to lots of useful information about Norrøna’s products, development, events and adventures.
You also have access to some inspiring posts from Norrøna’s ambassadors and good reading material.

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Last year you joined our Anniversary Crossing. Did you enjoy it?

WOW, it was fantastic!

The trip was well organised and planned by the ambassador Elisa- and we had so much fun. I think we laughed all the way up to Turtagrø. The goal was to test the new Falketind collection in one of the most beautiful mountain areas in Norway.

As a Loyalty Member, I was lucky and got to join the Anniversary Crossing with 7 other members. It became a memory of a lifetime, a real adventure with many wonderful people.

- Vegard Sjøblom
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Would you recommend others to sign up for our Loyalty Club?

Yes, of course, don’t let this opportunity pass!
If you get the chance to join an adventure, it will certainly be a memory for life!
Maybe it will be the start of something new?

Sign up today!


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