Meet our newest member of the Norrøna Ambassador Family: Benjamin Forthun.

The skier definitely thinks outside the box with his crazy stunts. Read our Q & A interview with the Social Media star.

Welcome to the Norrøna team, Benjamin!

– Thanks! Stoked to be part off the team. 

(Photo: Emil Sollie)

Is this a love story, or what?

– I haven’t been skiing in Gore-Tex clothing before I meet you, so from my side it’s all love! 

Tell us about yourself. 

– Adventure, adrenaline and skiing addict from Bergen, Norway. Born in 93. Started of working as a certified carpenter, then I went on to study construction engineering. After that I took some classes besides skiing to become an appraiser. Finished my last exam in December. So schools out.
Describe your style. 


Your best powder memory?

-A spontaneous trip to Zillertal in Austria January 2018 after we had seen how freaking much snow the forecast said it was suppose to come the next few days. The trip was deeeeep! 

#Guttastemning, say what is that?

– Guttastemning is the best of times you have together with your homies. Sort of when the boys is in their right habitat. Often in situations where funny stupid things are going down. Just look trough the “Ouzo19 🥃” story highlights that you can find on my Instagram, then you will fully understand 😉 Link HERE.

Right now I’m doing recovery on my shoulder, I had surgery on it 3 weeks ago. Started the season off with crashing in a tree while skiing Pow in Hemsedal. Ruff start, but that’s a part of the game. Back before you know it.

How did you become a Social Media star?

-Haha, my breakthrough in SoMe was the video where I jumped from a cliff into a slide. Shit went viral! Went from 3k followers to 24k in one night.

When did it all start?

– Don’t know actually. I’m been doing the stuff I do as long as I can remember, which is spending most of my time doing the activities that makes me stoked! And after I jumped into the slide I’ve sort of been surfing the SoMe wave from there on. Sharing my adventures, stunts and life on the so-called Instagram 

How does your family react to your fame?

– hahah, I don’t know, you have to ask them

What is your ambitions in life?

-Enjoy it and be the best I can be.

What is your life philosophy? 

– Find your natural high! Going on adventures, ski trips, surfing, doing stunts and all the other activities I like to do together with my friends gives me my natural high. 

Do you feel privileged to be a full time skier?

-Oh yes! Being able to ski and enjoy the best of nature as my job really means a lot to me. 

Where will we find you in 20 years from now?
– Hopefully still skiing, and with a lot more knowledge about snow and big mountains than I have today. One of the great thing about being part of the Norrøna team is the arsenal of good people who really know how to handle the snow and big mountains. So I hope to learn from the team and develop as much as possible, as a freeskier towards my mid 40’s. 

Can we call you a stuntman?

– You guys can call me whatever you want. But just so you know, I’m not as crazy as you would think from the looks of my Instagram. 

What was the last thought you had before you went to bed last night?

– Wish my shoulder was all good so I could ski tomorrow.. (Since it had been snowing 35cm that day)

How do you prepare for a day in the great outdoors?

– Put on the right clothes, pack the bag and always bringing some candy! Candy is medication against long steep hills. 

What gives you most pleasure? 

– The more powder the more pleasure.

Do you spent a lot of time visualising?

– No, not a lot of time. I do visualise before I’m about to do something that’s need a bit more focus than ordinary. But I don’t put much effort into the visualise part, it sort of just happening natural to me. 

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

– Jegerbrød with Vossafår, mayo, cucumber, and paprika. Vossafår is the main ingredient to become a hero. 

Which song is the soundtrack of your life?

-AC/DC – Highway to Hell 

What is your goal for 2021?

– Getting past COVID-19. 

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

– Sætres Beste Pepperkaker. The gingerbread that comes in the steel books, which makes it feel a bit high end. Oh lord I love those cookies.

Where will we find you skiing this season?

– All over the place I hope! One main plan every season, and that is to follow the snow. The only ski lift where you are sure to find me is Eikedalen. Will try to get a trip up north later in the season as well.

Tell us about your last epic skiing day!

– I had a really good day in Hemsedal right before Christmas! They had gotten a good amount of snow and I started off this season skiing with last year’s confidence, not so smart but pretty epic. 

What is your look du jour?

-Right now I’m wearing the Svalbard flannel shirt and a sample of the brand new Norrøna Trekking pants. Hopefully you guys will get this pants in the shelves this summer so the people can try it out. 

Tell us about your favourite products from Norrøna!

-I’m a really big fan of the bulletproof lofoten collection. The yellow lofoten Gore-Tex pro jacket and the olive lofoten Primaloft80 Anorak looks and feels great! The tamok Gore-Tex pro bib pant really dose the job as well. 

Benny out

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