Meet Siri

To achieve our ambitious sustainability goals in relation to social matters and the human condition, we’ve expanded our team!

From: I grew up in Bærums verk. Just outside of Oslo.

Studied: Political science with a specific focus on sustainable development. 

Role here at Norrøna:  CSR responsible, RD&D

Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking in the mountains. I also love to be by the sea and sauna

So, where did you previously work before you landed at Norrøna? 

I’ve been working mostly with human rights organizations. I worked at Plan International for five years. While there I was allowed to work hands on and follow-up on social development projects happening in countries such as Bangladesh, Myanmar and Tanzania. Right before I started at Norrøna I worked with save the Children for two years, focusing on climate change from a child right perspective. And before that, I worked as a senior advisor focusing on corporate social responsibility in an umbrella organization that works with social  and environmental development. 

Now, I want to work with the same questions and progression of development as before, but more in practice within the private sector.


What were your first impressions with the RD department? 

It was a really good first impression. Super nice people and a good atmosphere which is really important for me. And I was positively surprised when I saw how international it was. Also a little surprised over how many women worked here 🙂 

And I have to say that I am super impressed over the professionalism and how we have full control over the sewing needle and how the products will turn out. It’s so exciting and there are so many here who are so knowledgeable about things I had no idea about.


What led you to the field of sustainability?

I was actually a part of a children’s environmental group growing up. When you’re a member, you learn early on about the climate and how to take care of the environment and nature. And I have a  clear memory as a child of setting a banana in the exhaust of a car so it wouldn’t emit pollution. 

But I have to say my interest in sustainability became more serious when I took my masters and became more invested in sustainable development – especially the social side. And the importance of seeing environment and climate questions as a global inequality issue. I think it’s exciting to work with finding solutions to these global issues. So yes, I guess I’ve always been interested in the field.

Not a lot of people know what a CSR- responsible role entails. Can you tell us a bit about your job?

I can only answer this question based on what I’ve learned in the first few weeks of working here. So I’m expecting my understanding of this role to change and develop dramatically over time. I’ve never worked in the private sector before, so there is still a lot I need to learn.

That being said,  there is a new law transparency act (åpenhetsloven) coming on the 1. July that expects companies to be completely transparent  in their human right due diligence work. Before, this was only an expectation of the government. Now, it will soon be a hard law that requires us to work a lot more systematically in our value chain. This will be a large part of my responsibility from now on.


Would  you say your choices outside of the office are influenced by your role when it comes to making sustainable choices? 

I’m not the best in class. But we (my family and I) have made some choices. I use the train as much as possible. I am always aware when I am shopping- small and large decisions. I’m not a vegetarian but I do prefer to not eat meat. And buying used clothes, especially for my children, that’s an easy choice. These choices are always in the back of my mind. 


Yes, a company’s impact on the environment is huge. But how can an individual contribute towards a renewable future? 

It’s so important to think that all choices (from what food you buy to who you vote for) have a meaning, and to not just push the responsibility from ourselves. At the same time, it’s ok to not be perfect all the time. 


Any final thoughts? 

I think it’s important to let it be known that one of the reasons I wanted to work for Norrøna is because when I dug around on the website, I saw their ambitious sustainability goals that were holistic and based on animal welfare, social issues, and the environment. And the fact that Norrøna recognizes they are dependent on nature so we need to take part in taking care of it. That the company is so invested in doing this is the reason I applied.

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