My kind of easter- Join Norrøna employee Johan Kistrand on his epic day in the mountains.

When Johan isn’t working at the Concept Store in Moa, you’ll probably find him with his camera in the mountains. Soak up some D-vitamin and join him to Sætretindane in the Sunnmøre Alps!

Words and photos by: Johan Kistrand

Hi! I´m Johan Kistrand. I work at the Norrøna Concept Store in Moa, Ålesund. Not very far from our doorstep you can find one of the most beautiful areas in Norway; The Sunnmøre Alps. That’s where I often play around when not working in the store. Preferably with skis on. And for enthusiasts you can find snow here long into the springtime. During easter time, we Norwegians have a nice tradition to spend our time in the mountains. Either cross-country skiing, or ski touring up steeper mountains. Personally the last one is preferred, and now I thought I would  tell you a little bit about one of my favorite late season ski touring trips; Mt Dalmannshornet (Or Sætretindane as it also is called)

During easter time, we Norwegians have a nice tradition to spend our time in the mountains. Either cross-country skiing, or ski touring up steeper mountains.

- Johan Kistrand

At least once a year I visit this mountain. Often late in the skiing season when other peaks require carrying the skis on your backpack before reaching the snow. This one often has snow from the car when springtime has arrived down in the valleys. It helps that the road takes you to approximately 500 masl. A perfect goal for a cozy easter ski touring trip.

You start at Svartevatnet at the border between Sykkylven and Stranda. Hopefully snow already started from there. If not, you rarely have to carry your skis a long way before you can start skinning. The route up most commonly starts on a steep snow-covered river. Be cautious here if the snow amounts are low. The terrain flattens out when you’re finished with that part and now the hike is less exhausting and the altimeters counts slower. Continue straight forward to Tindeskarvatnet at 1000 masl. Here’s a perfect spot for enjoying the typical Norwegian easter snacks: orange, and Kvikk Lunsj and a cup of hot chocolate. From here you continue towards a ridge on your right. It can be a bit rocky so make a plan for your descent that avoids the rockiest parts. Now the rest of the hike goes in nice and not very steep terrain. And after around 30 minutes from there you have reached the summit. I recommend just strolling a bit further from the cairn to get the best view, which is spectacular in every direction. That feeling of being «on the top” is definitely there. If you take a look to the south you will get an amazing view towards three of the classics in the Sunnmøre Alps; Slogen, Jakta and Brekketindane.

Mt Dalmannshornet (Or Sætretindane as it also is called) is one of my favorite mountains. Can you see why?

- Johan Kistrand

Now it’s time to soak up some vitamin D from the (hopefully) sun, and have a snack before the real fun begins. The route down goes the same way as up, cruising nice easter slush. When you’re back at Tindeskarvatnet I can recommend (if you have more left in your legs) to hike up to Mt. Ystevasshornet. It’s about 350 extra vertical meters in not very steep terrain and often offers good cruising downhill. You end up in your car at Svartevatnet from that peak as well.

The trip up is about 4.5km, and 1000 m vertical gain. It should take around 2-3 hours to reach the top. A little extra if you add Ystevasshornet to the list.

Alternatively you can start from Strandafjellet Ski Resort, hike up to mt. Tuvegga, ski down from there, continue up to mt. Dalmannshornet (and take with you Ystevasshornet on the way down), and hike back to the ski resort when you’re down at Svartevatnet.

A great trip!


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