Ski touring season is coming

No matter If you are new to the ski touring concept or if it is your number one activity, our travel company, Norrøna Hvitserk, has the trips for you this coming ski touring season.

Find your dream destination in Norway and book a trip with Norrøna Hvitserk.

This year we are offering lockdown guarantee, this means if you are living in Norway, and the government enforces a new lockdown we will give you a full refund for your trip with us.

Short of time? Here are the trips for you:

Ski touring – Sunnmøre
Sunnmøre is one of Norway’s most beautiful areas for ski touring trips. We will hunt for the best snow, the finest peaks and the best descents. We use taxi and ferry to reach pristine mountains and we stay at beautiful Sæbø.

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(Photo: Bård Basberg)

Few ski areas in Norway can be measured with Sogn. Good snow conditions and accessibility have made this place one of Norway’s most popular. In combination with beautiful Nes Gård hotel, this tour makes for wonderful alpine experiences!

(Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik) 

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Ski Touring course – Vatnahalsen

Do you have a desire to learn more about ski touring? Or do you dream of joining one of our tours like the Norwegian Haute Route in Jotunheimen? This course is intended for those with little to no previous experience. Our responsible and experienced guides will give you the best training in the beautiful area around Vatnahalsen. Not only will you learn ski touring skills, but also explore one of the hidden gems of Norway, tucked into the mountains with real Norwegian charm around every corner. With a maximum of six participants per guide, you will receive hands-on training from highly qualified guides with the best expertise.

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Ski Touring Weekend in the Lyngen Alps

Wonderful days await you in one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain areas. Our trip to Lyngen can be summed up by some very basic ingredients. Summits, après-ski, good food, good drinks, and good company. Do you really need anything more?

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Ski Touring - Juvet landscape Hotel and Sunnmøre

This trip combines two favourites, great ski touring conditions and spring. At daytime we go ski touring in the area around Trollstigen, this area offers wonderful ski possibilities and in the afternoon we enjoy the spring down at the spectacular Juvet Hotel.

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Ski Touring – around Hjørundfjorden

This ski touring round trip around one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway is one of the most spectacular ski touring experiences you can get in a week in Norway. Every day offers magnificent nature experiences with powerful sea and fjords views. We spend each night at boutique and charming accommodations which makes tips trip an ultimate experience.

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(Photo:Matti Bernitz)

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Haute Route Jotunheimen

This route is in the process of establishing itself as Norway’s answer to the Alps’ best-known ski tour. The Adventure Tour starts at Gjendesheim in the southern part of Jotunheimen, and it takes us five days to cross the mountains to Krossbu. We stay in lovely cabins en route, where we are served delicious meals and rest our bodies for the upcoming day of adventure.

(Photo:Johan Wildhagen)

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Ski Touring Week in the Lyngen Alps

This trip is perfect if you would like to get many days of ski touring in a row and reach many tops in few days. Lyngen is the perfect spot for ski touring in Norway and during this week we explore some of the best ski touring mountains in Norway. We say at the cosy accommodations Magic Mountain Lodge and enjoy the sauna and tasty dinners after the active days.

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