SMS interview with ambassador Asbjørn Eggebø Næss

He looks like a Hollywood star, but the rad skier and family man prefers it shaken and wet.

Norrøna: What’s up Mr. BadAssador, Asbjørn?

Asbjørn: I’m fine! Touring and guiding in Lofoten at the moment. What a place!

Norrøna: Why are you drawn to the mountains?

Asbjørn: I am drawn by the visuals. If I see something I wanna ski, I am eager to put in a track on that face…

Norrøna: The feeling of skiing…

Asbjørn: It is the easy feeling of flow, float and  weightlessness.

Norrøna: Game Time! Tell us more about your previous project: Moon Valley.

The simple goal of keeping the dream alive. Starring Asbjørn Eggebø Næss, Nikolai Schirmer, Mattias Fredriksson, Trygg Lindkjølen, Ivar Løvik and Tim Myers.

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Asbjørn: The Moon valley project came up, because we have for many years called “Måndalen» ( Local valley in Romsdalen  )Moon Valley. It holds a lot of big terrain that we really wanted to ski. We skied some of it and left very much behind. We could easily do a couple of followups as «Moon Valley 2,3 and 4. Fun to have Nikolai join in. He has a strong vibe and loves to go after it. Cabin life is great. No electricity and no running water. The highlife.

Norrøna: You live in Romsdalen. Lucky you! Describe your home.

Asbjørn: I bought a house by “Fannefjorden with my wife Nelly and our girls. It’s close to Molde. The fjord is our garden. Easy to access good windsurf, food, biking, boat life and of course skiing. 

Norrøna: Highlife… 

Asbjørn:  This summer I’m gonna use the fjord as transportation way. It gives a different perspective. You get different visuals and get to places you can by boat.. and  only boat. We have good fishing here. Man, I love catching em, and prep some good food. That is highlife too.


Norrøna: … Back to the skiing part.

Asbjørn: Yeah. Yeah. I have been skiing my entire life, and very happy about that. I try to combine skiing big lines with family life. Right now my terrain knowledge is biggest in Lofoten, Romsdalen, Nordmøre, coastal Romsdalen, Svalbard and Sogndal.  I look forward to open up more in the future.  I’m also a co owner of a small Norwegian ski brand called SGN skis. It is a fantastic ski collective by guides, free skiiers and rippers. SGN is based I Sogndal. The capital of free skiing in Norway. Sogndal is what I see as the closest you get to  BC Canada.

Norrøna: Tell us about your favourite products from Norrøna.

Asbjørn: Well there are a quite few:
The bitihorn collection is super good.  Not the mention the lyngen collection! The lofoten backpack. The unstad wetsuit, booties and gloves. Come on- I love em all.

aero100 Jacket

The bitihorn aero100 Jacket offers protection wrapped in a minimalistic design, ideal for running, hiking and other activites

Gore-Tex Infinium down850 Hood Jacket

Combining the protective properties of the GORE-TEX Infinium™ technology with high-quality RDS down, the lyngen Gore-Tex® Infinium down850 Hood Jacket for men puts an end to soggy down pieces.

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  1. Goran Sabljic

    The highest mountain of my life

    Paragliding … has been my favorite sport and lifestyle since 1995. From the cockpit of my glider, I could appreciate the nature in such a privileged manner that only a small group of people could ever experience. Often I ‘ve been asked, why I love it so much. I always said that this is the easiest way to fly and most closest to the bird flight, like any other. I mean, where can you find an aircraft, which you can carry in your backpack and bring it with you, wherever you go, in the trunk of your car, ready to unfold in 10 minutes and launch yourself from the mountain top or the seaside cliffs… fly for hours, land smoothly and pack your equipment back in the backpack???
    Simplicity and lightweight of the whole kit fascinate me over and over.
    While flying on the windy sea breeze or snow-topped mountain tops meteorological conditions can be severe and for this, you have to be prepared.
    There comes the point where a pilot must meticulously choose the right garments.
    They must be warm and insulating but at the same time light weighted and compressible. Just for illustration… sometimes I take off from a small hill not higher than 300m and with 15 degrees and catching up the air streams and thermals which elevate me sometimes up to 3000m where temperatures can drop below 0.
    I had never been let down by Norrona for 25 years back when I bought my first lightweight down jacket and that was the point where it becomes my second skin. I wore it all 4 seasons and soon I had all my clothing replaced with Norrona
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    It has become my everyday style when I don’t fly and I wear it even going to work.
    Sadly, paragliding as well became my hangman … in the year 2018, I had an accident while flying in Portugal and I shuttered my vertebrae which left me paralyzed from waist below. This injury changes a person completely and I had to replace my flying harness for the wheelchair so suddenly.
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    Thank you and we will soar the skies again very soon, my beloved Norrøna

    Goran Sabljic
    Berlin / Germany

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