Spring Shift

With winter's retreat, summer sits on the distant horizon. Soon the great peaks will shed their winter coats to free our trails and give room for spring flowers.

Words by Responsibility Ambassador Charles Post

The rivers and streams will swell, and the birds who cover great distances on their migration, like the cranes, plovers and puffins, will return to our valleys and forests, mountains and rocky coast. Spring is a time buzzing with activity when nature shifts from the stillness of winter to a season defined by energy and new life. Spring’s longer days will greet the trees who send new branches skyward to meet the sun, and the moose who ventures back to their hidden lakes soon free of ice. The ptarmigan who calls the wild mountains home will drop their winter whites, and begin the process of growing an entirely new set of feathers perfectly suited for the long days of summer.

At Norrøna, when we say “Welcome to Nature” we are inviting you to join us here. Spend time in nature and you’ll become a bright thread within this natural fabric, one defined by the seasons and the wild lives we encounter on our hikes, bikes and skis, forest and ridgelines. When we experience nature, we become part of nature. This truth informs our seasonal shift in collections from the lofoten freeride and trollvegen mountaineering to the senja running and our very own fjørå bike collection. Look to nature, and you’ll find that embracing the shift of the seasons is only natural. See you out there.

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