Story diary from Romsdalshorn

Romsdalshorn surely is one of Norways most icon peaks. Join Elisa’s day, get the gear you need for the climb, and see the base jump from Tom Erik Heimen.

What a night to remember!

The weather is amazing in Norway at the moment and the most popular mountains are crowded by euphoric peak baggers. And when the sunset is around midnight, I try to climb in the afternoon/evening. That way, you escape the traffic.

The Romsdalen valley is long and narrow with majestic towering mountains on either side. It's a magic place!

- Elisa Røtterud

Guilty Pleasure: Bikram Peak Bagging. Yeah, I run in my underwear- our ultra soft base layer. Great ventilation and the soft material, feels like a second skin to my body.

Wool Shirt

Made for hiking and trail running, the new bitihorn wool Shirt for women is a light weight and technical long sleeve with an athletic fit.

Wool Boxer

The Norrøna merino wool baselayer is developed to suit your outdoor activity perfectly, regardless of the weather conditions, season or intensity level.

There aret two classic route to the mountains, both require rope climbing. The North wall is one of Norways most popular alpine climbing routes, while the eastern Halls renne variant is the original route and is easier in difficulty. The trip starts in the Vengedalen Valley, 20 minutes drive from the regional centre Åndalsnes. It is a moderate 700 meter of altitude difference, but a significant part is done with rope in exposed terrain. You should therefore have some experience with heights and mountaineering.

We did the North Wall.
It is easy scrambling for the first 100 meters, then the wall steepens and we will do pitch climbing to the top, around six pitches for around 200 meters.  The descent is by rappel the same way

The climb usually takes 8,9 hours- depending on the «traffic» at the mountain.


What a view! The Troll Wall is the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, about 1,100 metres

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Gore-Tex Pro Light Jacket

Developed to achieve the perfect balance between lightweight and durability, the trollveggen Gore-Tex Pro Light Jacket is our lightest jacket for demanding mountaineering.

flex1 Pants

The fjørå flex1 Pants were initially designed for mountain biking but soon grew to be a favorite for a variety of outdoor activities due to its great functionality.

The Flying Legend Tom Erik Heimen

At the top we meet my amigo, the flying legend, Tom Erik Heimen.
Time to fly!


Romsdalshorn gives you breathtaking view!

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For Tom Erik Heimen it takes 2 minutes to get down.
Us- a group of four? 3 hours.

We’re back in Vengedalen at 0330 in the morning. 

What a night to remember!

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