Story of a Rock

Dustin and Natalie Randall spend their time in the Utah frontier with their son Roman. They explore the region by rope, skis, and bikes; in no particular order and often in combination. Together they own and operate Roam Industry, a guide and outfitter out of Monticello Utah. They enjoy small town living and all things human powered adventure.

It started with sand, sand in an ocean, or a great big lake, I’m not sure. But what I am sure about is this large area of sand was compressed, for a long time. Then it was exposed to wind, and more water and open sky. 

bike on a mountain

Then I don’t know how many thousands of years passed as it was shaped into something it looks like now. I do know that in 1914 somebody named Lopez visited this rock, because he carved his name and the year into it. 

man biking down

I don’t know if this rock was ever a battle ground, a burial ground, or sacred ground. But I do know it’s been a playground. 

kid and dad biking

I know because when my son learned to ride his bike I took him there on a warm fall day. 

kid biking

I do know it’s a playground for adults as well. I know because I took my wife there and we rode our bikes all around, up and down. 

women biking

I don’t know the whole story of this rock. But I do know I’m stoked it’s there.

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