Norrøna anniversary crossing

The Anniversary Crossing

To celebrate Norrøna's 90th anniversary, we invited 8 Loyalty Members to an epic adventure in Jotunheimen.

Norrøna's anniversary

Words: Elisa Røtterud Photo: Vegard Breie, Fredrik Ahlsen, Marie Slet, Elisa Røtterud, Chris Holter

Ever since 1929, the family-run Norrøna company’s vision has been to welcome people to nature. #WelcomeToNature.
With our focus on quality, functionality, design and sustainability, our aim is to provide you with the best clothing for your adventures in the great outdoors, whether they are serious or recreational.
To celebrate Norrøna’s 90th anniversary, we invited 8 Loyalty Members to a crossing in Jotunheimen, and a photoshoot for the new falketind range!

We got 2K applications and it was challenging to find the right people. There are so many qualified fans out there!
Finally we found eight experienced candidates that we again divided into two teams. A trekking group and a climbing group.

The route went from Turtagrø up to Store Skagastølstindnd down in the fairytale Midtmaradalen, up to Stølsmaradalsbu and then to Vetti Gard.

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Day 1 Turtagrø.

You never forget your first experience of Turtagrø.
This venerable hotel is in the very north-west of Jotunheimen, at the foot of Sognefjellet, right beside mighty Hurrungane, and close to the stunning Sognefjellsveien mountain pass.
The ever-present smell of sweaty socks tells you it’s a place from which people tackle big climbs.

Ever since William Cecil Slingsby (who would later be described as the father of Norwegian mountain sports), became the first man to conquer Store Skagastølstind in 1876, Turtagrø has been one of the most important gateways to hiking and mountain sport in Jotunheimen.

The expert group will psych itself up for the big test of strength:
Store Skagastølstind (‘the big one’).

Store Skagastølstind (2405 MASL)

Norrøna's anniversary

Until the early 1870s, Storen (‘the big one’) had been considered unclimbable, and no one even attempted it. Then in 1872, the English climber William Cecil Slingsby learned about the mountain while he was traveling in Norway. He came back in 1874 and 1875, with the intention of taking on the mountain, but couldn’t make any serious attempts because of poor weather. It was not until 1876 that he was able to stand on the summit. Peak baggers still describe Storen as a test of strength.

We made a simple and nutritious dinner on our stoves, and enjoyed the view of the magnificent 2000-meter peaks around us.
The Trekking Group found their base at the cabin Stølsmaradalsbø.

There’s no spot more perfect for a beautiful evening and night out in the wilderness. To top it all,
the mighty Stølsmaradalstind (2026 MASL) and Midtre Ringstind (2025 MASL) loom majestically up from the horizon!

It is steep and it is high! A Night to remember. When was the last time you did something for the first time? ​

Norrona anniversary
Norrona anniversary
Norrona anniversary
Norrona anniversary

Day 2

Norrøna's anniversary

Rain. Wind. That didn’t stop us!
We arrive the mighty Vettisfossen, Norway’s biggest unregulated waterfall with a single drop height of 275 meters! This world-famous waterfall plunges down into the deep Utladalen valley from Vettismorki Farm, before the water goes out into the Utla river.

Our last stop is Vetti Gard Tourist Station. This place has been an important meeting point for mountaineers since the mountain pioneers found their way into the valley of Utladalen in the 19th century.

Edvard Grieg used to say that he became 10 years younger every time he visited Vetti — and the chances are that if you have found your way there once, you will want to visit again.

What an adventure!
Welcome to Nature

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