The hiking gear your closet is missing

Functional, Durable, Lightweight and Sustainable. Here’s how to dress for Hiking without sacrificing style.

After a day’s walk in the great outdoors, everything has twice its usual value.
It’s important to be prepared for changing weather conditions on a hike, so let’s find you some new favorites!

The falketind Gore-Tex Jacket is our most versatile waterproof and breathable jacket developed for all-season use.

Gore-Tex Jacket

This bestselling Gore-Tex Jacket is one of our lightest versatile shell jackets made for all seasons and any weather, initially designed for lightweight mountaineering.

warmwool2 Stretch Zip Hood

Our falketind warmwool2 stretch Zip Hood is the ultimate all-round, all-year hooded mid-layer.

Gore-Tex Pants

Made of a special developed recycled 40D GORE-TEX fabric they hit the sweet spot between all-year versatility and great protection.

flex1 Slim Pants

The falketind flex1 slim Pants is inspired by an all-time favorite amongst many women, the classic running tights, but made in durable softshell fabric and loaded with outdoor functionality.

down750 Hood

The falketind down750 Hood Jacket is our most versatile down jacket with a hood made for all activities, all year. Lightweight, easy to compress and filled with certified down.

Thermo60 Hood

This jacket provides a great combination of lightweight, packability, and insulation, and has a versatile design that works for all activities. The recycled Pinecco insulation is not quilted which makes it soft and enables the full loft effect while still being very compressible.

We went to Romsdalen to shoot our SS21 hiking campaign.

The Romsdalen valley is long and narrow with majestic towering mountains on either side. Along the valley floor in a wild and beautiful setting runs the foaming salmon river, Rauma. At Verma the Rauma runs through a 30-40 metre deep gorge, forming Slettafossen waterfall. The waterfall is secured by fences on either side and can be crossed by a bridge. At 1,000 metres, Trollveggen is Europe’s tallest vertical, overhanging rock face.

Scandinavian rock climbing started in the Romsdal mountains, which boast some of the world’s most difficult climbs. In the eighties, base jumping with parachutes was banned at this site after a number of accidents with very expensive rescue operations. But Trollveggen still is a very attractive site for climbers and tourists.

What a playground!

The crew consist of:
Photographers Chris Holter and Frode Sandbech
Stylist Elisa Røtterud
Models: Stine Hjelvik, Julie Korneliussen, Trygg Lind

The result?
Take a look!

Our products are developed to meet the extreme users’ requirements for materials, quality, fit, and functionality. We create a signature expression for every collection following our design philosophy, Loaded Minimalism™. We name them after unique Norwegian destinations ideal for the activity.

I had so much fun with the Norrøna crew! We had amazing days in Romsdalen.

- Julie Korneliussen

Cotton Anorak

The svalbard cotton Anorak is a true classic in the Norwegian mountain scene and offers great wind protection, good breathability, and impeccable comfort.

warm1 Jacket

The classic svalbard warm1 Jacket is a highly versatile and structured fleece midlayer jacket with practical reinforcement on the shoulders and elbows.

Light Cotton Shorts

The svalbard light cotton Shorts is lightweight and packable hiking and trekking shorts made in organic cotton, recycled polyamide and an elastane mix.

Wool T-Shirt

The comfy svalbard wool T-shirt comes with three different printed graphics and is made in high-quality merino wool with great breathability.

Heavy Duty Pants

Made in long-lasting and strong organic cotton/polyester fabric these pants are comfortable with great breathability, and the flexible water resistant fabric used in the seat and knees ensures extra flexibility and protection.

flex1 Pants

Made in a durable flex1 double weave, recycled soft-shell fabric, these pants are highly breathable and weather resistant – and comes with an excellent range of motion and comfort.

Our vision is "Welcome to Nature." ​We want all of our customers to have amazing experiences in the great outdoors and work daily to achieve our mission: ​​Creating the best outdoor products in the world.

Jørgen Jørgensen, 4th Generation Owner and Leader of Norrøna

Norrøna warm2 Hood

The warm2 Hood is a clean, comfortable hoodie perfect for everyday expeditions. Made from high-quality recycled polyester knitted fleece, with a minimalist design, this premium norrøna hoodie will slide into any outfit choice, regardless of your activity.

warm3 Jacket

The versatile norrøna warm3 Jacket is a classic pile jacket fleece. It has a super soft feel and is our warmest jacket for general outdoor.

Norrøna Loose Shorts

Perfect for any high-intensity outdoor activity and warm summer days, the highly versatile Norrøna loose Shorts offers lightweight, functional, and exceptional comfort.

Wind Tights

These versatile tights are made to offer excellent wind protection for an array of high-intensity activities, with extra protection against wind windchill and drizzles in the front.

Norrøna Short Tights

Made for running, climbing, hiking, yoga, and everything in-between, the Norrøna short Tights are premium stretch short tights with a clean look.

Norrøna Singlet

The soft and sleek Norrøna Single is a sew-free racerback singlet offering complete workout functionality in a minimalistic package.

We want and hope that you play with different colors, there is no right or wrong.

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