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Over the years, we’ve found that our love for the outdoors is best communicated through the words, photos, and videos of creative individuals who explore, endure, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Get to know the members of our content team below.

Mountain biking

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Helena Werner

Helena is a mountain biking life and sports coach that loves going up and down mountains. She has been working with stress management and how to perform under pressure within the police for more than 10 years and also coaches athletes and sports enthusiasts how to reach their goals.

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Frankie Pioli

Francesca Pioli, aka Frankie is a sports physiotherapist based in Chamonix, France. Her client base consists of everyone from elite athletes, Olympic gold medalists, mountain professionals, ultra-runners, to locals who keep the valley going. 

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Dustin & Natalie

Dustin and Natalie Randall spend their time on the Utah frontier with their son Roman. Together they own and operate Roam Industry, a guide and outfitter out of Monticello Utah. They enjoy small town living and all things human powered adventure.

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William Gibson- Any Excuse To Ride

England William’s life has always revolved around bikes. After living in several mountainous spots around Europe, he finally landed in Norway to start a mountain bike guiding company – Any Excuse to Ride.

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Ole Richard Stokke – Bike Beitostolen

Ole has spent the last 13 years living and riding in the region of Valdres, Norway. He used to guide for Bike Beitostølen, but is now the GM and co-owner of Bike Beitostolen together with his wife Sigrid, and Kasper Madsen who founded the company in 2015.

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Megan Pierce

Meg is an environmental engineer from New England who loves being outside and on the go. She is an avid skiier, hiker, rock climber, mountain biker, and boater who brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to her adventures. Meg is passionate about encouraging, enabling, and expanding access for everyone to participate in outdoor recreation.

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Elle Truax

After growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Elle moved out to Crested Butte, Colorado to chase her passion in freeride skiing and open up a custom western hat shop. During the warmer months, Elle travels back to the Oregon Coast and her hometown of Hood River, OR to pursue kite surfing and surfing. 

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Oscar Frick

Originally from Sweden, Oscar grew tired of living in flatland and headed westwards to Norway, ending up in Tromsø. There he spends his days enjoying the 6-7 months of snow season doing ski mountaineering and ice climbing. When summer eventually arrives he continues his high altitude lifestyle, switching ski boots for climbing or trail running shoes.

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Pierrick Aubert

Pierrick is an outdoor geek, always on the hiking trails around his home with a camera. Living and working as a Social Media Manager in the Aravis mountain range (French Alps), not a day goes by without a short walk, or a long hike. Running, hiking, skiing, camping… No matter the weather or the hour, he simply enjoys sharing his adventure.

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Alice Asplund

Alice is a Norwegian “outfluencer” whose main goal is to inspire others to get out into nature and try new activities to achieve better self-esteem. She does different activities, though her main sports are splitboarding, hiking with her dog-buddy Aria, climbing and trail biking. 

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Mervyn Ravitchandirane

Mervyn is a French outdoor enthusiast and photographer whose goal is to share what it feels and looks like to be in the remote and wild areas of the world. Working in the environment and the research fields, from the Antarctic deserts to the Finnish forests, passing the New Zealand mountains and the heat of the Indian Ocean.

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Ryan Colley

Growing up on the rugged west coast of New Zealand, Ryan’s passion for the outdoors started at a young age. That has since grown into a love for mountains and he has been fortunate enough to base his life around climbing. He is most inspired by long routes on wild walls, but is no stranger to a sit-start either!

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Bastien Perez

Bastien spent his childhood wandering the mountains, skiing, climbing, biking and running. Not wanting to be confined by the rules of racing, he prefers meandering lesser-known routes and rowdy mountain human powered linkups as a way to stay connected to nature.

Bertrand & Arline

Arline and Bertrand are two Swiss climbers who decided to get outside of their comfort zone to live a big adventure while joining sport climbing crags all over the world by bike. 

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