The new Norrøna Factory

The Norrøna Factory is now open

We have just opened our own Norrøna Factory in Lithuania! Built to make highly functional products with premium quality more sustainable. Having our very own factory also allows us to improve innovation and flexibility.
The new Norrøna Factory

Our long term vision is to automate more of our production. By placing our factory close to where we sell our products, we will reduce lead time and make production more flexible. This gives us an opportunity to fill demand quickly but not overproduce. With this factory, we will strive for the smallest environmental footprint and set up solutions to recycle leftovers from cuttings.

The new Norrøna Factory

At Norrøna we do most of the work inhouse with dedicated Norrøna employees. We have our own prototype factory in our office and develop most of the products here. From fabric and trim development, to design, construction, and making the products. Our ambassadors and employees even test them. All marketing is also done by a Norrøna team inhouse. Most of the digital development of systems including the webshop is made internally. Our stores are designed and developed according to our own store system. In short, we like to build stuff and to build it ourselves.

Woman working in the Norrøna Factory
The machines in the new Norrøna Factory

Throughout most of Norrøna’s history, the production of products ran internally. At the start of the 90’s we sourced our production to eastern Europe since it was very hard to find workers in Norway. Today we produce our products in China, Vietnam, Lithuania, and Portugal. We work with long term partnership and high-end factories, all family-owned.

The sewing room in the Norrøna Factory
European fabrics in the factory
Logo placement machine

For quite some time we have wanted to build our own factory in Europe making fleece, mid-layers, and base layers, using European sourced materials. The development of the Norrøna Factory in Kaunas, Lithuania started in 2018, and we opened the doors in April 2020. A completely new building specially made for our needs, with all the latest technology. Since April we have trained our team to the right Norrøna quality levels and the factory is now producing the first Norrøna products. The first styles we will manufacture at our factory is:

trollveggen Powerstretch Pro Zip Hood M’s and W’s

falketind warmwool2 Stretch Zip Hood and jacket M’s and W’s

trollveggen warmwool2 Stretch Tights M’s and W’s

Everyone here at HQ is super excited about the new factory and colleagues in Lithuania. 

Norrøna staff in front of HQ

20 thoughts on “The Norrøna Factory is now open”

  1. Kathinka Dysthe

    Glad for deres fokus på bærekraft i alle ledd, noe man ikke kommer utenom i dag. Det er lett å lire av seg en historie, fordi miljøfokus fra produksjon til destruksjon/ gjenbruk, selger. Jeg opplever det imidlertid ikke slik med NORRØNA., hvor det å ta del i deres tanker og historie, bygger tillit og får meg til å føle meg som en «del av» Norrøna- familien.

  2. Well done! Bravo for returning more of your manufacturing within the border of our gorgeous and great Europe!

  3. Congratulations guys 🙏🏻
    Since I discovered your products some 10 years ago now, I have a been a customer and an un-official ambassador for your mtb line of garments..spreading the love and your ethos to people that never heard of your brand before. I will continue to do so because I believe in your mission.

  4. Amazing news! I’m really happy that Norrøna has chosen not just Europe but my native town Kaunas! No doubt the quality expectations will be met or exceeded. Well done and looking forward to buy something produced in this brand new factory. Ačiū! (Thanks)

  5. simply great!!!
    quality, design and cuts, sustainable – keep going this direction 🙂
    doing sports with your equipment is fantastic – thank you!

  6. Please STOP making products in China – this is not a political point, rather it is an ecological and humanitarian one! The carbon footprint to ship products (by sea) from China is high, added to this is a brutal dictatorship that does not deserve your support – however ‘arms length’ that support may be.
    You guys at Norrona do such a fantastic job, and I hope you will continue to site your production facilities close to where the majority of your products are sold.

    1. I agree, I would rather pay more for a product made in Europe with European craftsmanship and quality. I wish that the items being sold at Norrona’s web store states where the garment/item is made. This way I know which one to purchase. Nothing China due to its politics and dismal human rights record. I support other countries in Asia.

  7. I am only buying Norrona apparel for my skiing after found out you have production plant in Lithuania! Great choice!

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