Ski touring in Lofoten

The Ski Touring Gear Checklist

We love ski touring so much we took one of our favourites destinations for this activity, the Lyngen Alps, and dedicated a whole collection to it.

We know ski touring can be challenging, that’s why we made a  list of our favorite pieces for optimal comfort for the entire tour. 

Ski Touring

The hike up

The hike up usually demands highly breathable products with good flexibility and venting options that will transport moisture and dry quickly. 

alpha90 Vest
The go-to garment, extra insulation that adds minimal weight and volume.

3/4 Powerstretch Pro Fullzip Longs
Highly thermal and stretchy mid-layer tights ideal for ski touring adventures.

Ski Touring

At the Top

Time spent on the top will often call for warm and insulating pieces. 

down850 Hood Jacket
Our lightest down jacket with a hoodie.

down850 Knickers
Super light weight insulation piece for the lower body.

The Ride Down

The ride down could be both cold and warm with high demands on flexibility and movement.

Gore-Tex Jacket
The lightest waterproof jacket within our ski collection, highly functional.

Gore-Tex Pro Pants
Our lightest Gore-Tex pants within our ski range, functional and highly breathable.

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