The story about skibotn

Designed for freeride mountain-biking on steep and rugged terrain. The skibotn collection consists of durable, lightweight products offering great mobility.

It was really meant as a niche collection for tough extreme users with full-face helmets, muddy clothes and lift passes in summer. And that’s what it became.
Norrøna’s skibotn collection was unveiled in 2017.

"We made this collection because fjørå became so big, and we wanted to create something which was a bit more rugged."

- Jørgen Jørgensen, fourth generation owner and leader of Norrøna

Our skibotn collection is designed for going downhill at the speed of sound. It’s designed to get mud spattered.

The collection is soft and durable, and offer such great mobility, that you can also combine them with your ripped dungarees and faded check shirts.

The color palette contains rugged earth tones and black, but a new color this season is jester red, for the skibotn wool equalizer long-sleeve and skibotn wool equalizer T-shirt.

The durable and quick drying overgarments are made from UV-protective material in a soft merino wool blend. Technical details include front pocket with zip, soft stretch fabric on the shoulders and lower arms, and extra length on the back. The pants are a slightly looser fit than our base layer overgarments, and work equally well in hot or cold weather. The stretch fabric on the arms means that the garments still sit well when you roll up your sleeves,” says Jørgen Jørgensen.
Washing? Chuck them in the machine, and they’ll dry amazingly quickly. skibotn is for the toughest and most challenging mountain biking needs.

Keywords: Oversized, Quick-drying, Durable and Great mobility

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