The Winner of Norrøna’s Oldest Product Competition

This past fall, as the leaves quietly fell to the ground and many threw an extra layer on the way out the door, we here at Norrøna HQ were hunkering down with some exciting stories. Over 400 of them to be more exact.

Quality, function, and design since 1929

Our brand’s long heritage is the backbone of our company. It’s what we lean on when we need guidance, and it’s what we look to when navigating the future. Throughout our nearly 100-year existence, we’ve shared many stories. So when we turned the tables and allowed our customers to share their own stories connected to our products, our backbone appeared to be stronger than ever.

And the winner is….

Product owner: Eric Munsterman
Product: A potato-colored Norrøna backpack
Product origin: 1930’s (Confirmed by Jørgen Jørgensen, fourth generation owner and CEO of Norrøna)

Eric is the owner of what we call an ultra-vintage Norrøna piece. A backpack designed and produced by the people who worked at Norrøna HQ in the 1930’s on Fredensborgveien 11 in Oslo, Norway. Eric is currently living in Florida, US, and when we reached out, he was dealing with perhaps more pressing matters. Hurricane Nicole was set to touch down in his city in Florida within the day. Eric was preparing for a hurricane, yet still managed to write a narrative and send it to us about how he came to be the owner of the winning product.

Ultra-vintage Norrøna piece for an ultra Norrøna fan. The perfect match.

Eric’s story:

“I first visited Lofoten in 2012. While there, I kept seeing people wearing this great gear that I had not seen before.”

“I finally asked someone the name of the company. Loved the logo, it reminded me of the Birkebeiners. As soon as I got home I started looking online for Norrøna gear. If you can check my history, you will see I have been a regular customer for 10 years. On a whim, I checked ebay and found the rucksack. After a bidding war, I secured it. I have had it for 10 years, and still use it when I ride to the gym. The canvas is faded, but all straps and buttons work perfectly. You would not believe how much it carries. There is a metal tag with the original owner’s name.”

Eric is heading to Norway next summer for an arctic triathlon. He and his family have been invited to tour headquarters and learn more about our design process. We’re excited to meet this ultra Norrøna fan and get a better look at this ultra vintage Norrøna piece!

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “The Winner of Norrøna’s Oldest Product Competition”

  1. Gudrun Kremeier

    I am Gudrun from Amsterdam. I didn‘t know about this competition. But I still use the 100% organic cotton Amundson Anorak. I think from ca 2004. It is still the best anorak of this kind. No eta, no goretex, no what ever. With a zip throu the hole front. Perfect colour. Still perfect. Still loved !
    I would buy a new one as soon as you make the same !

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