Three. Two. Røn with Hilary McCloy

Norrøna Ambassador Hilary McCloy works with runners, is married to a runner, and runs herself. Read on to find out how running went from being a previously disliked part of her training regime, to a nearly all consuming passion in her life.

Who you are/your background?
My name is Hilary McCloy. I’m a Physiotherapist, Backcountry Skier and Ultra/Mountain Runner.  Now I work as a physiotherapist for athletes – primarily runners, bikers and skiers. When I was younger I was on the US Alpine National Ski team – I raced and skied all over the world. 

Now I race in a couple US and international races a year. I ski in New Hampshire but will go to the West or Alaska for ski trips.

When did you fall in love with running?
I’ve run my whole life for ski training, but it was always short and fast which I didn’t love. When I was finishing physio school, I started to run longer distances and loved how you can cover big distances on your feet.  It gave me a sense of freedom and a break from everyday life when I was out on the trails.  I also love the physical challenge and working hard up and down mountains.

As a running couple (married to trail runner and fellow Norrøna Ambassador, Andrew Drummond) do you prefer to run together or alone? 
I enjoy both.  We run together to explore new places, catch up on the day and go with our dog.  But  I also enjoy being alone or with other friends. I find I do my best thinking when I am running alone, but we do have great brainstorming sessions out on the trail together. 

Who between the two of you discovered Norrøna first?
A friend of ours was on the Norrøna team which is how I first heard about it.  Then when we were in Chamonix in 2017 I saw the stores and the gear for the first time. I would notice it more in the media than in real life. Then we were approached by Adam (Norrøna’s U.S sales manager) about joining Norrona and testing out the ski touring line of clothes.

What do you think of Norrøna’s new senja collection?
The look and design of the senja collection is what I noticed first – the colorways and style is eye-catching and simplistic at the same time. I tested the warmer weather pieces over the summer here in New Hampshire where it was hot and humid.  I found that the t-shirt material was light and did not feel heavy on the days I was sweating a lot. The running tights are also notable because they don’t slide down when I run – this is a quality that I really like. I have worn the tall socks as well and received many compliments. Plus they add a nice amount of compression.

What can you take from running into your daily life? 
The feeling of energy and feeling refreshed after being out on the trail if I go before work. 

I work with runners and study running so it has been very inspiring to try to combine the two – personally and when working with others. It also gives me more of a connection to our local trails and nature as well as through our community and friends.

What is your favorite type of terrain and weather to run in?
My favorite terrain is single track trails that start in the forest and end up on top of a mountain or with a good view.  I like cool, sunny days.  I like how you have to think about where you are putting your feet on the trails and you can travel through different zones.  I don’t love hot weather, so running in the 60s Farenheit is probably my favorite.

Without the clock, how do you measure your success? 
I find that connecting new trails, feeling like I can run with ease and feeling strong and getting in the zone is what satisfies me as a runner. Being able to run what I want on a given day is a success.

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