“Tough. But also good.” Gjermund Nordskar race report of the UTMB World Series

On 8. 7. 22, our Norrøna ambassador Gjermund Nordskar participated in the Val d'Aran CDH by UTMB, an international ultra trail race in Spain, Pyrenees, putting the Norrøna's new trail running collection into ruff testing.

Here follows a Q & A with Gjermund after the race:

Tell us a bit about the race:
The race I participated in was Val d’Aran CDH, a UTMB World Serie Major event. The race was 105 km with 6100 meters of elevation in the Pyrenees mountains – a real ultra trail challenge in other words. 

Why did you participate? 
Most importantly because I really love running. It gives me a lot of great experiences, joy and strength. By signing up for a competition I get a concrete goal and extra motivation to do the work needed to get into shape, which is a great feeling. Besides that, ultra trail running events give such great experiences. Many great people to meet and get to know, stunning nature to enjoy, villages to explore, and beautiful trails to run. 

How was the experience? 
Tough. But also good. This is for sure an experience I will remember. The race was hard with high temperatures and tough competition. In the start I felt strong and managed to stay in the top 5 lead group, but at 30k I started to have problems with my stomach, but tried to continue. After 40k I felt my body was not responding as normal, and I got really tired. I tried to continue, but strong stomach pain and a heath stroke hit me, so I had to pull out of the race at km 50k, to avoid any further health issues. This was a really hard decision and a bad feeling, but in the end a correct one. 

How did the the new Norrøna trail running equipment work? 
Very good. It did the job needed, and worked good enough to run in the lead of the race. None of the products got any damages, and protected me from the ruff nature. They stood the test. 

Photo: Val d’Aran by UTMB

What was the hardest part of the race? 

From 40k and 50k (halfway through the race). I was really sore and tired. My mind tried hard to advise me to lay down and rest, but my psyche said the opposite. When the stomach pain and heat stroke hit me, I had to put safety first and quit. 

What did you eat and drink? 
A lot. Gels, bars, sports drinks, and water every half hour during the race. And more solid food and drink at the aid stations. 

How was it to pull out of the race?
Hard, but also good in a way. The decision is hard when you have worked and invested in such a goal. But the body decides in the end. Today’s decision was a safety decision. I talked to the doctor who recommended me to stop. A Lot of emotions are coming through when such a decision is made, but I’m really happy about the experience and learning I got from the race. It is a valuable experience for the future.  

What do you feel now? 
Tired but also happy about the experience. My legs are of course sore, but this will only last for some days. Looking forward to some rest, a summer holiday in Norway with my wife and 10 months old daughter, and the next physical challenge coming up. It will be a wild one in the highest mountains of Norway. Follow @norrona and me (@gjermundnordskar) for updates on the next challenges!

See you out there, and have a great summer!
Greetings from ambassador Gjermund Nordskar


Click here and get to know Gjermund and what he loves doing when he doesn’t run.

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