Urkeegga -a roundtrip in the Sunnmøre Alps

Howdy hey! My name is Berit Helene Urke and I’m the store manager at Norrøna Concept Store Strømmen. Let me take you to my favorite playground, the Sunnmøre Alps.

There’s really something about Sunnmøre.

The area in western part of Norway has put a spell on mountain lovers, royals and tourists for many, many years. There’s plenty of reasons why, but the most fascinating from my point of view is the combination of alpine mountains and beautiful fjords, it’s such a sight for sore eyes. And guess what, I’m lucky enough to call this my second home, having a family history here and a cabin in the middle of this nature eldorado.

There’s really something about Sunnmøre. The area in western part of Norway has put a spell on mountain lovers, royals and tourists for many, many years.

- Berit Helene Urke

There’s a little village called Urke in this area from where you can get to many of the well known mountains around. A few years ago some of the locals in Saksa Turstiforening came up with a roundtrip and named it Urkeegga and it quickly became very popular. The combination of easy access, fantastic view and a middle degree of difficulty makes it appealing for many. The path on Urkeegga hands you among other things the famous mountain Slogen and the Hjørundfjord on a silver plate. And in 2019 the ‘Egilbu’ leanto was finished. There’s a strong story behind this project, feel free to get to know this. The roundtrip is well marked with signs and sticks. Worth to notice for those who are a bit sensitive to heights is that it’s sometimes steep and airy.

You can reach Urkeegga from two different start positions. One from the dam in Urkedalen, follow the road on the left side of the river up from Urke and park at the end. The path starts on the opposite side of the river, just cross the wooden bridge and you’ll see the signs with ‘Urkeegga’. The path is clearly marked with wooden sticks with red paint throughout the whole route. From here you’ll walk through the beautiful Langsæterdalen surrounded by fantastic mountains and at 700 meters you’ll pass a little lake. Here’s the last chance to fill your water bottle or camelbak with crisp and ice cold mountain water before you continue the path that turns right and finally takes you up to Urkeegga through Jenteskaret. From here you go on to Maudekollen (1021) and then Klokksegga (944) and ‘Egilbu’. The view is amazing and the area has perfect tents spots if you want to stay a night up here. Make sure to bring your hammock if you love to hang around, you can easily strap it up at hammock points at ‘Egilbu’. From ‘Egilbu’ you’ll start on the final part of the hike and the descent down to the parking spot at Klokk

The second start position starts from the parking at the end of Haugemyrveien. Both of the parking spots have a parking fee of 50 NOK. From here you go the same route as the one from Urkedalen, just in the opposite direction. You start with an uphill so if you prefer an easy ascent and end with a long downhill, I recommend that you start from Urkedalen. Or vice versa. A tip: the downhill from ‘Egilbu’ to Klokk is pretty steep and often muddy. There’s only a few trees to hold on to, so a pair of rods on the backpack is not a bad idea.

The Urkeegga hike is ideal from mid May to end of October, it often depends on the snow conditions. If you are in good shape and like to run in the mountains, this is a perfect track.
I’m hiking this route at least two times in the summer season, it’s perfect when you need a day off from the steepest mountains around. Always wearing a wool base layer and having a Bitihorn hip pack or backpack on me, filled with among other things enough water and food, a mid layer, gloves, a windproof (and sometimes waterproof) jacket and my favourite Norrøna piece, the Lyngen alpha west. Holy macaroni, I love this one. It’s so versatile and light and gives you a perfect temperature regulation even under high activity.

So, if you’re having a few days in this area I strongly recommend this trip. Ask the locals, use Fatmap, the Internet or pop by Urke landhandel if you seek information whether it’s about the snow conditions at the beginning or end of season or anything else. If you’re in need of a tent spot or cabins, there’s a camping site at Urke or you can stay at the beautiful Hotel Union Øye just 10 minutes drive away. This historic hotel is either way really worth making a stop by. Enjoy!

Start: follow road 655 to Urke
Total increase: 968 meters
Length: approximately 9,3 kilometers
Difficulty: medium
Time: between 3-4 hours.
Notice: if you have a bad pair of knees I strongly recommend you to start with the steepest part first.

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