We don’t believe in Fast Fashion.

Our oslo collection savors features from high-quality technical gear combined with our timeless signature Loaded Minimalism designs.

From the office- to a party and off to a getaway in the mountains- the oslo collection has you covered.

“Our oslo collection of parkas and jackets makes sure you stay dry, warm and stylish between your mountain getaways”, explains storyteller and stylist of this shoot Elisa Røtterud.

“The silhouettes and colour palettes are cool and classic”, she adds. “Not to mention that the collection combines elegance with sports. Either you’re a lawyer, Meghan Markle (yeah, we spotted her in our oslo collection last year), a snowboarder or a hunter- I could continue for a long time- you’ll find your favourite here.”

“Are we having a fashion talk, now?” ask the models Marie Slettaløkken and Mathias Jin Budtz and laugh.

Yeah, why not?

Millennial fashion is obsessed with many things. Being comfy and warm are some of them. Not to mention sustainable.

The oslo Duvet Jacket This exclusive winter piece is inspired by the classic expeditions down jacket made to keep you warm under any condition. Although the clean design is perfect for recreational days off the mountain, the technical functionality is kept to a maximum: It has GORE Windstopper face fabric ensuring no harsh city wind will get you cold, it’s filled with high-quality 850FP goose down providing great insulation and the backer is made in soft, recycled nylon. The construction of the jacket’s down insulation is specifically designed to prevent cold spots and maximize warmth. The fit is kept greatly oversized creating a contemporary and stylish look.

During the Textile Sustainability Conference last year, where 111 companies attended, Norrøna brought back good vibes.

Norrøna is on the leaderboards of the 100% Club of Organic Cotton and the 100% Club of preferred down, and racing to the top with a number 2 on preferred wool and with a number 5 at recycled polyester.

Sustainable fashion, also called eco fashion, is a trend against fast fashion. The goal is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

Our oslo collection is a sustainable alternative. Here you´ll find outdoor functionality, timeless designs, and recycled materials.

The oslo ACE Pea Coat The ultimate winter coat for men who have high demands for design and functionality. Inspired by the classic outer coats originally worn by the Dutch navy, this clean pea coat offers the perfect combination of timeless style and technical innovation. The coat is made of waterproof laminated wool fabric with high quality, reprocessed wool from Italy and is insulated with lightweight down750. This ensures that the weight is kept down without compromising on functionality.

oslo Gore-Tex Insulated Parka
The waterproof and insulated oslo Gore-Tex insulated Parka is made for everyday use and makes sure you stay protected during winter time.

The oslo Gore-Tex Coat
for men is the Norrøna take on the classic car coat, mixing classic design with the latest weather protective technology.

Whether you want to have an urbanized expedition look with an oversized down jacket or an elegant style wearing a parka or a coat, you will find your favorites here.

oslo Gore-Tex down850 Parka
The premium oslo Gore-Tex down850 Parka is a 3-in-1 waterproof and windproof parka with a removable down inner jacket.

oslo Gore-Tex down850 Parka
Made for changing weather city side, this premium parka is a versatile, stylish and weather protective 3-in-1 piece. The athletic fitted down piece provides extra warmth on cold winter days – and when removed, the jacket is perfect for spring, fall or cool summer days as well.

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  2. The oslo line is mostly focussed on jackets/coats. Would be nice to expand it to other lines by adding ‘basic’ items for the whole year (and years to come) such as tshirts, shirts, sweaters, pants, etc.

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