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Norrøna’s fjørå collection mountain bike clothing anticipates any weather conditions. It offers products engineered for technical challenges and long days on the wheels.

A niche for the masses

At the start of the millennium, the outdoorsy had become increasingly more interested in singletrack mountain biking as the summer equivalent to skiing and snowboarding. Down the steep trails, they could find the same feeling of freedom, the thrill of speed, and the challenge of the terrain. Naturally, we had to start making gear for it – the Norrøna way.

Now, almost two decades later, fjørå has become one of our bestselling collections, led by the iconic fjørå flex1 pants.

The fjørå flex1 Pants were initially designed for mountain biking but soon grew to be a favorite for a variety of outdoor activities due to its great functionality.

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A representation of our core values

So what thoughts and ideas did Norrøna bring to its singletrack products? We asked Jørgen Jørgensen, fourth-generation CEO of Norrøna.

“The real backcountry style and the real freeride style; creating products that are uncompromising in terms of their area of use, design, and functionality. Those are Norrøna ́s core values, and that has won confidence in the market. What’s great to see is that the women’s gear is selling almost as well as the men’s. Fresh colors, but with a ‘shrink and pink’ approach for women who love the outdoors.” (Men’s clothes in smaller sizes, but with a fit and design suitable for women. Editor’s note)

Why the name fjørå?

Deep in the Sunnmøre fjords lies the small village of Fjørå. Over the centuries, local farmers have cleared trails up and down the steep mountainsides, and today those trails challenge technical mountain bikers who descend to the rocky shore from 1100 meters above sea level. The unique view of fjords and saw-tooth mountains make Fjørå one of the world’s most spectacular mountain bike destinations – and also the namesake of our collection.

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