What does the roadmap mean to you?

A business can easily state their sustainability goals to the public with a pristine and compressed press release or post. We’ve recently done the same with our 2029 Roadmap. We’re so excited to share what we hope to accomplish in the future, but before starting sharing updates, we wanted to hear what our ambitious Roadmap goals meant personally to those of us working within the Norrøna universe.

It means a lot to my role as a digital designer. We need to think about environmental friendliness at all stages, and make it our own. Show that we do something sustainable in all channels and also outside of work.- Digital Designer

Important guidelines steering all major and many minor decisions in our daily work! – Product Developer

For me it means working for a company who believes that we all need to contribute to be able to reach our goals, and the best way to do that is with clear and structured goals. For my role it means recruiting employees who has passion for the industry and CSR work, with common goals as our company. – HR department

Super proud to be involved working in a company to be Responsible for the people & our nature. Seeing the actions taken towards that Norrøna as one or one of Strongest in the market! – Product Developer 

Very exciting to follow this Roadmap and try to find good solutions so we can reach our goals. Very challenging with the Zero Carbon footprint. – Inbound Customs Specialist 

It makes me come to work everyday keeping my head up high. It makes me proud. It gives me passion to continue giving it all. I really hope we will revolutionize the way we are working and that we actually will make a change – make the world a better place. As a mother, I will do everything in my power to give my kids a bright future. – CFO 

It will be a great tool to communicate what we actually work with for our customers. The simpler, the better. And it enforces my personal pride to work for this company, and that we care. – KAM Sales

– Forcing me to develop my skill set
– Learning new things
– Thinking outside the box how to make products tomorrow
RD&D Director and Design manager

Very important, defining our values and how we do business. It’s the reason why we are different from other brands. But it needs to be explained to our customer base in an easy, understandable way. – Key Accounts Manager, Central Europe

It determines everyday work, all our efforts are focused on sustainability. – Material Developer. 

It makes it easier to make decisions related to the products – choose between recycled/non-recycled, amount of samples requested etc, everything will be questioned with sustainability as the top criteria. – Product Developer

We try to think wisely in the supply chain when making decisions regarding the shipping as we care about and want to save our Planet as this is the place where we all live and our children, grandchildren etc. will live in. – Production Controller

If you want to learn more about our Roadmap 2029 and how we plan to achieve those ambitious 10 goals, click here.

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