What it really means to be a Norrøna ambassador

These days, the word “influencer” is often used to describe the product-pushing masters dominating social networking platforms. That’s why we here who work within Norrøna bristle at the idea of our ambassadors being confused for influencers. Sure, they represent our brand and are the creators of some truly inspirational content. Yet one of the primary responsibilities of a Norrøna ambassador isn’t as well known…

Starting with simple innovations such as leather straps, canvas backpacks and cotton clothing, the search for the best in technical advancements and to create the ultimate performance products has been the end goal from the very beginning. 

We’ve always used the highest quality of materials. But the real opportunity to test these materials in the field started with mass interest in exploring the more unknown parts of nature.

The history of Norrøna Ambassadors

In the start of the 1970’s there was an expedition wave building in Norway and other countries around the world. Norrøna was in the core of the explorer community, so it was only natural that people who were planning an excursion started asking our brand about products they needed.

We developed the requested products, tested them during their expeditions and requested constant feedback from the users before we were satisfied enough to turn the prototype into a product ready for the market. 

“We always work closely with our versatile team of ambassadors, testers, and adventurers when developing our products. Many of our styles are direct results of close co-operation and long processes to ensure we equip them and you with functional, high-quality products,” CEO and fourth-generation owner, Jørgen Jørgensen.

Norrøna doesn’t have an official “first” ambassador as we started working mainly with groups. But when we think back to one of the firsts, Thomas Carlstrøm comes to mind.

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Thomas Carlstrøm sharing a presentation about some of his most monumental climbs and the testing of the first Gore-Tex prototype in Europe.

One of the primary role of a Norrøna ambassador

All of our ambassadors play an important role in the communication of each distinct concept. They bring our sketches and designs to life through their lifestyle and core activity.

We maintain that every aspect of our timely design process is absolutely necessary. And a large chunk of this process includes 250 plus hours of user testing in the field each item is designed for – down to the beanies if you can believe it. In order for us to create a product with the highest quality and longevity, it needs to undergo a rigorous testing process. This is the primary reason why Norrøna has ambassadors. They are the professionals and the innovators in their respective field. They commit days, weeks and months of their lives to the activities that they love. It is their passion and dedication that make them the perfect product testers. 

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“You need some time. You need that period of days or weeks to really get to know all the details and also the durability”- Norrøna ambassador, Polar explorer and arktis product developer, Børge Ousland. 

Even though not all Norrøna Ambassadors work as product testers, they are the individuals you want to join on nature photoshoots. Their natural ease in the outdoors and positive energy are infectious to the team behind the lens.

Whether you climb, tour, telemark, ski or snowboard, our wide range of apparel, backpacks, and accessories salute the spirit of Norrøna to ensure its high-end, performance-driven products continue to work and inspire with integrity, innovation and above all, technical function.

In his 50 plus years of working with Norrøna, Thomas Carstrøm is still living the brand

With our extreme user-driven development program, the functionality of each of our products is tested and perfected securing a long product lifetime. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Norrøna ambassadors, both the legends and the newbies, check out our ambassador webpage

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