What to wear on an autumn ride

Autumn has finally arrived with its crispy air, magical golden hours, and fantastic colors. But also with weather that can be brutal and change quickly. In this article, you will find what Helena wears and does to stay warm and dry on her autumn ride!

Words by: Helena Werner      
Photos by: Lewis Gregory, Jason Shill

My name is Helena Werner and work with mental training and stress management, mostly coaching and inspire how to set healthy goals and to perform during extreme situations. My background with coaching is within the Swedish police and various athletes.

Lightweight, durable, breathable, and environmental friendly!

Staying dry and warm is not just comfortable, it’s also important if you get lost or injured on a cold mountain. Mother Nature can change her mind quickly, so be prepared so that you can enjoy what she has to offer safer! 

I’ve been using Norrøna gear for more than 10 years and I still use some of my first garments that I bought. I’m not always steady on my feet or my wheels and want to be environmental friendly and consume less, so it’s safe to say that I put my gear to the test and I chose wisely what I buy.

My favorite autumn outfit! 

My mostly worn outfit during cooler rides are the Fjørå flex1 pants and the long sleeve base layer wool with round neck. I love the Fjørå flex1 pants, they are thin and stretchy which is super comfortable! These pants take the wind very well and they’re breathable. I’ve crashed so many times and they just don’t seem to rip! As the days get even colder, the Fjørå infinitum pants are a warmer version of the flex1 pants with windstopper. When it comes to Fjørå pants, the men’s sizes fit me the best. So if you are a female, don’t be shy to try them on!

The Norrøna base layer long sleeve top keeps me warm, breathes well, and if I get wet it dries quickly. Wool can be very fragile, but compared to other wool base layers I’ve had, this one is very durable. I’ve probably washed mine way more often than I should’ve and it still fits, feel, and looks the same. 

flex1 Pants
It’s now upgraded with recycled materials, and this new and improved version is lightweight, durable, and provides great breathability.

Infinium Pants
Windproof, water resistant and flexible biking pants made for single track action on colder days.

Keep your heat and stay dry!

Most of the heat that we generate goes out through our head and torso, so try to add layers to these places to preserve your heat. Wearing wool underneath a wind or waterproof jacket is important, as wool will help to push out stream through the jacket, and a good jacket will keep the heat but not the stream/moist.

If it is really cold, I wear a headband under my helmet and round my neck. On my upper body, I wear a waterproof jacket, windproof vest, or a thin windproof jacket. 

I use 29/ Microfiber neck, I cut mine in half and use one half as a headband and the other around my neck, and Norrøna Bitihorn dri1 waterproof jacket, Bitihorn aeor100 wind jacket, or Bitihorn windstopper jacket.

At first, when I tried on the Bitihorn dri1 waterproof jacket I honestly didn’t think much of it. I loved the fact it was super light and it looked great, but how well would it breathe? My old lightweight waterproof jacket, from another brand, made me feel like I was in a sauna… But I’m happy to say that it was, and still is an awesome jacket and I love it. It’s not going to keep you dry for torrential rain for days on end, but for a longer ride in normal rain it will definitely keep you dry and it breaths well!

Even if it is warm outside when your set of on your ride, the top of the mountain or hill is usually windy and colder, so bring a jacket. Both Bitihorn dri1 and the aero100 packs down to almost nothing so they are easy to bring, I roll mine into the hood!

Microfiber Neck
Keep yourself warm with Norrøna’s signature multi-function microfiber neck.

dri1 Jacket
Our lightest waterproof jacket, ideal for hiking, trail running or biking, and is a great piece to always bring along if the weather is shifting.

Prevent cold hands and feet!

Your hands get very exposed on the bar and riding fast will make the wind colder, so a glove with wind protection is a must for me, like Fjørå infinitum gloves. On my feet, I always wear wool socks and if it is a really cold day I use my ski socks and pull them up to my knee pads! As you start pedaling, warm blood will start pumping and soon reach your toes and fingers, so be patient and keep pedaling. 

Infinium Gloves
Developed for biking in cold and dry conditions.

Light Weight Merino Socks
Developed for biking activities. They have an above the ankle cut and are made of a soft and comfortable wool mix.

Autumn in the bike park!

A good thing with pedaling is that you get warm. A cold and wet autumn day in the bike park can be a bit brutal and as we’re are usually go faster and the trails are rougher we need to dress warmer and wear more durable clothes. If it’s not raining, I use the same pants as on the trail bike, the Fjørå flex1 / Iinifitium pants, but with wool base layer tights as a first layer. If it is raining I wear the same underneath but with waterproof pants. Norrøna has Fjørå pants dri1, but if you’re female they don’t fit you, try the Bitihorn dri1 pants! When it comes to jackets, I use the Falketind gore-tex jacket the most!

Go out and have fun, and don’t forget to warm up!

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