Why the right layers are essential

Hi! This is Rachel Pohl, Norrøna ambassador and I am so excited to share my favorite hiking layers!

Words by: Rachel Pohl

We all know in theory that layering makes for happier hiking. But why exactly is it so important to have the right gear for these warm summer months?

As the days grow longer and we seek out bigger days in the mountains, the temperatures we experience also fluctuate significantly. High output in sunny weather means moisture wicking, quick drying layers are essential, especially because cool mornings, evenings, and unpredictable summer storms can leave us exposed without the right layers. It’s easy to get swept up in beautiful days and forget that being comfortable as we hike also correlates with being safe.

I’m excited to share a few key layering pieces that will ensure your hikes this summer are spent focusing only on the nature around you and the task at hand. Because when you have the right gear, it works perfectly together as a system so you are comfortable in any conditions the day may throw at you.


“My favorite thing about the Norrøna singlet is that it has no seams, so it works perfectly when carrying a heavy pack- no chafing on your shoulders or hips from seams digging in! Plus, the fit is absolutely ideal, it’s very flattering.”

-Rachel Pohl

“These Norrøna loose shorts are perfect for every high output activity you can imagine. They are so comfortable you may want to wear them every single day, so it’s a good thing they are very durable, dry quickly, and look great.”

“I wear the Bitihorn Warm1 Stretch Hood most days. It is so soft, breathable, and I love that you can roll the sleeves up and unzip the front as you warm up, and fit the hood under a climbing or ski helmet. Everyone who loves to spend time outside needs this layer.”

“I am a huge fan of the Falketind down750 hood as an all-around, all season jacket. It packs down very small for how warm it is, and it withstands a lot of hard use.”

As summer progresses, my go-to down and shell will progress to be even thinner and lighter, but until then I am still happily utilizing my more all-season, versatile insulation and outer layers.

In addition to insulating and waterproof layers, always remember to check the weather forecast before going out, bring adequate food, water, a headlamp, first aid kit, and know your route. Be aware of your personal level of fitness, and above all, be sure to thoroughly enjoy yourself.

And if you’re anything like me… don’t forget your sketch book! Taking a minute to really enjoy the view by drawing or painting it is an amazing way to connect with the landscape around you.

Happy hiking!


Norrøna Singlet

Norrøna Loose Shorts

warm1 Stretch Hoodie

down750 Hood

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