Work/Life Balance in COVID-19 Outbreak?

How can you balance a life with kids at home while trying to keep the wheels spinning at work?

We will all be affected by the virus outbreak in some kind of way.

I`m lucky to be able to perform my work on my laptop from home these days. However, with two small kids running me down all day long, it’s challenging staying focused and being productive whilst at the same time, being supportive for my family. 

Let me briefly give you my rundown on how I’ve tried to solve this situation, maybe what I’ve learned can help someone in some way!

"Break it up to 25min work, 5min short-break. Your will achive better focus, increased productivity and motivation"

- Jo Hoff Nordskar

1.Make a plan with your partner and for yourself (daily or weekly). As an example, I get up at 6 AM, make myself a coffee and stay focused for 3 hours in front of the laptop. Break it up to 25 min work, 5 min short-break. As both of us have work we split the day into 4 childcare sessions, where one of us takes the first and third and the other the second and fourth.

2. Create a project every day for your kids. Today we built a nesting box by hand and they were involved from the cutting of materials through to the painting at the end. 

3.We all need a break. You can combine lunchtime with a mini-expedition if you have something like a forest nearby to break the cabin fever. Learn your children how to make a fire.

1.Keep yourself motivated to keep your kids motivated. It’s important to have your own fun too. If your mind is worn out, it will show! 

2.Set up video calls with family to keep everyone in touch.

3.Get the kids to help with the cooking –  now is a great time to pass on some family recipes.

4.Let your kids draw you while sitting in front of the computer. They might give you half an hour to answer some e-mails and perform some of your workload.

Stay safe, stay home and stay sane. Please reach out to who may need help or just a little extra attention. Take care of your self and you family.

Warm regards from Jo

How do you manage to ballance work and family? Leave your comments and tips in the section below 👇

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